Sold At An Auction (Part 1)

Part 1. $name1 wakes up, groggy and in unfamiliar surroundings. She’s been kidnapped and is about to be sold at auction. Her new owner then decides to test out his purchase…

As the sun kissed the horizon, casting a blush of pink and gold across the sky, $name1 lay nestled within the folds of her silken duvet—a sanctuary untouched by the encroaching night.

Dreams tangled with reality, her breath tracing ethereal patterns in the air. Time had lost all meaning, trapped within the boundaries of her imagination.

The creak of ancient wood echoed in the distance, an eerie symphony that danced through the hallways like whispers of secrets long forgotten.

$name1 stirred, a ripple of apprehension coursing through her veins.

The air was thick with an unfamiliar scent, somewhere between musty decay and putrid stagnation. Her palms, once smooth and soft, now glistened with perspiration, betraying the fear and uncertainty that clung to her like a second skin.

“Wake up, sleeping beauty,” a gruff voice boomed, jolting $name1 into consciousness. Startled, she opened her eyes to darkness, her pupils dilating in search of light.

Squinting, she made out the blurred shapes of figures standing over her, their faces obscured by shadows.

A pair of hands roughly grabbed her by the shoulders, hauling her upright. The pain was immediate, raw, and unyielding, but it was nothing compared to the shock of cold water splashing onto her face in rhythmic pulses.

The liquid stung, cutting through the haze of shock; it left behind a residue of fear. With each splash, $name1’s resolve hardened, as did her determination to survive.

“You awake?” grunted one of the faceless men. “Good.

Now listen up,” said the man, his tone laced with an undercurrent of threat.

“We need to make you look presentable so you fetch a high price, you better smile too”.

He gave that statement with a sinister grin before disappearing into the murky depths of the dank cellar.

Left alone, $name1 allowed her senses to guide her through the darkness. Every nerve ending screamed for deliverance, yet she knew surrender would only hasten her demise.

Her heart pounded against her ribs like a caged animal, threatening to burst free at any moment.

In the faint glow of a bare bulb overhead, $name1 surveyed her surroundings. Chains hung from the walls like macabre trophies, mocking her predicament.

$name1 stood shivering in the center of the auction room, her gaze locked on the stage where she and the other women were presented to eager purchasers.

The smell of sweat, fear, and desperation permeated the air, mingling with the cloying aroma of overly sweet perfume worn by some of the female spectators.

Her heart pounded erratically in her chest, and a fine sheen of perspiration coated her brow.

She could hear the murmur of voices around her, punctuated by occasional bursts of laughter and catcalls.

$name1 recognized the language being spoken, though it sounded foreign, distorted by the strange atmosphere of the auction house. Her heart pounded wildly against her ribcage, a frenzied rhythm that threatened to consume her entirely.

She tried to focus on the bids being called out, but her mind swirled with chaotic images of freedom and despair.

Suddenly, there was a collective gasp from the crowd. $name1 felt a strong hand grasp her arm, pulling her forward onto the stage. Her legs wobbled beneath her weight, and she feared giving away just how weak her knees truly were.

As she stared out into the sea of leering faces, $name1 knew that her time was running short. Bidding had already begun, and she watched with growing dread as the numbers climbed higher and higher.

She couldn’t help but notice the lustful gazes directed at her—gazes held captive by her vulnerability and fear. Yet, even amidst the chaos surrounding her, a part of $name1 remained defiant.

“Number thirty-four!” bellowed the auctioneer, his voice reverberating off the cold stone walls. $name1 shivered despite the warm embrace of the dim spotlight illuminating her.

As she scanned the sea of expectant faces, she noticed a particularly insidious presence in the audience – a man whose eyes seemed to bore right through her soul. His gaze held a cruel promise, a silent declaration of ownership should he be victorious in the bidding war.

“Number thirty-four,” repeated the auctioneer, his voice echoing ominously through the cavernous space. “Who will give me ten thousand for this lovely piece?”

His announcement sent a wave of hushed whispers through the crowd. $name1 clenched her fists, struggling to maintain composure.

She swallowed the lump forming in her throat, forcing herself to meet the gaze of the hulking brute beside her. He wore a crooked smile tainted with m$name1, his eyes ablaze with lust and dominance. He leaned closer, his hot breath fanning $name1’s cheek, causing her to flinch involuntarily.

“Oh, I see you, little girl,” he rasped, his voice a velvety whisper.
The man went to assume his seat, as the auction began to start for $name1.
The bidding didn’t take long, the man who paid her attention earlier was determined to buy her.

$name1 had no doubt in her mind that if she fell into his possession, her life as she know it, would come to a swift end. So when the hammer finally struck the podium, sealing her fate, she closed her eyes and let out a trembling sigh.

“I have number thirty-four going for fifty thousand! Do I hear sixty? Sixty-five? Seventy thousand for this beautiful piece?”

As the bidding raged on, $name1 found herself lost in the storm of desperation and lust.

Each new offer brought with it a fresh wave of nausea, as the realization of her impending doom loomed ever nearer. She could feel the cold sweat trickling down her back, dampening the fabric of her gown until it stuck uncomfortably close to her skin.

Amidst the cacophony of voices, she strained to discern the man who had first caught her eye. His unwavering gaze sent shivers down her spine, and his chilling confidence only served to heighten her unease.

“Going once,” declared the auctioneer, his voice ringing out like a death knell.

“Going twice.”

$name1’s heart raced uncontrollably, each beat a thunderous reminder of her precarious situation. The tension in the air crackled with electricity, as if the very molecules around her were conspiring against her.

The man who had been watching her intently suddenly stood, his eyes locked on hers. $name1’s pulse quickened, her body bristling with the primal instinct of self-preservation.

“I bid seventy-five thousand,” he announced, his voice deep and resonant.
$name1’s breath hitched, and she found herself unable to tear her gaze away from him.

There was something undeniably compelling about his demeanor, a sense of danger lurking beneath the surface. As the silence stretched, the tension in the air became almost tangible, as if the very air itself was charged with electricity.

“Seventy-five thousand, do I hear eighty?” The auctioneer’s voice sliced through the stillness, a stark contrast to the man’s gravelly baritone. The crowd murmured restlessly, but $name1 could sense the mounting anticipation among those gathered.

The room fell to silence. Before being broken by the slamming of gavel. Sold. To the gentleman in the third row.”

Within seconds, a burly man wearing a black leather jacket and dark sunglasses emerged from the crowd, striding confidently toward $name1 with purposeful strides.

The click-clack of his boots echoed through the room, resonating in $name1’s ears like the relentless ticking of a clock.

“Congratulations, my friend,” the auctioneer chimed, flashing a toothy grin. “You’ve acquired yourself quite the exquisite specimen.”

$name1’s eyes widened in horror as she realized the grim fate that awaited her.

As the burly man approached, his eyes gleamed with a dangerous hunger, his lips curled into a wicked smile. His imposing figure loomed large before her, casting a shadow that engulfed her in its darkness.

“Well, well, what do we have here?” he growled, his voice dripping with malicious intent. “A feisty little kitten ready to be tamed?”

Despite the dire circumstances, $name1 refused to break her steely gaze. She knew that showing weakness would only embolden her captor and diminish any chance of escaping his clutches.

$name1 feels a mixture of trepidation and curiosity as she enters what appears to be a prison at the back of a seedy-looking club. The narrow hallway stretches out before her, lined with identical doors on either side.

Each door reveals a bleak existence, filled with despair and hopelessness. $name1’s heart sinks as she realizes that this is to be her new home.

The associate opens the door to reveal a small, sparsely furnished room.

The walls are painted a dull shade of gray, and the floor is covered in a stained vinyl sheet.

In the corner stands a single bed, equipped with barren sheets and a thin mattress. Above the bed hangs a naked fluorescent lightbulb, casting a harsh glare upon the sordid surroundings.

On the opposite wall sits a metal sink attached to a toilet, devoid of any comfort or decency. It is a place meant to break spirits and crush hope.

$name1 examines her new surroundings with a mix of trepidation and curiosity. She hesitates at the threshold, her feet rooted to the spot as a wave of apprehension crashes over her. Slowly, she steps inside, taking in the oppressive atmosphere.

Her gaze tracks to a small pile on the floor. As she begins to focus on it further, it becomes apparent it is lingerie. Cheap lingerie.

Lacy, frilly things that don’t belong in a place like this.

Things that hint at a life lived beyond these confines. $name1 stares at them in disbelief, feeling a familiar pang of longing creeping up her spine.

She had never thought she would miss such simple pleasures, but in this desolate environment, they represent a world far removed from her current reality.

“Strip,” commands the burly man, his voice firm and authoritative. $name1 pauses, her heart pounding in her chest.

The command echoes in her head, a stern reminder of her newfound subservience. She knows that resistance is futile, but the mere suggestion of compliance stirs a fire within her.

It’s a rebellion fueled by desperation and defiance, a refusal to succumb to the whims of her captors.

“Do it,” the burly man snaps, his patience waning. “Show me what you’re worth.”

$name1 takes a deep breath, her lungs expanding and contracting in a desperate attempt to find strength.

She slowly starts to strip.

First, she removes her dress, letting it fall to the ground like a crumpled leaf. Next, she unbuttons her bra, allowing it to hang loosely from her arms.

Finally, she slides her panties down and tosses them aside. Standing naked before her captor, $name1 feels a profound sense of shame and humiliation wash over her.

“Turn around,” demands the burly man, his voice low and commanding.

Without hesitation, $name1 obeys, turning her back to him. She feels his heavy footsteps approaching, his breath hot and moist against her neck.
$name1 closes her eyes, her body stiffening as she prepares for the inevitable.

As he reaches out to touch her, her skin recoils at the sensation of his rough, calloused fingers grazing her delicate flesh. Despite his looming presence, $name1 refuses to surrender her spirit.

Instead, she digs her heels deeper into the cold, unforgiving concrete floor, refusing to succumb to the whims of her abusers.

“On your knees,” the burly man growls, his voice thick with lust and power. $name1 hesitates, her heart pounding in her chest as she weighs her options.

The burly man’s voice reverberates in her ears, a sinister reminder of her vulnerable position. She feels the heat of his breath on her neck, the coarse texture of his fingertips brushing against her skin sending chills down her spine.

A surge of defiance courses through her veins, fueling her desire to resist. But she cannot deny the raw power the burly man holds over her, and she knows resistance is futile.

“Please,” $name1 whimpers quietly, attempting to negotiate terms that will spare her dignity.

Her plea goes unheard, the burly man’s insatiable appetite unmoved by her pleas. He moves to stand directly behind her, his powerful hands gripping her hips tightly.

$name1 tries to brace herself, her muscles tensing in preparation for the violation to come.

“Look at me,” orders the burly man, his voice deep and commanding. $name1 turns her head slightly, meeting his gaze with a fiery defiance that belies her inner turmoil. Their eyes lock, and for a fleeting moment, $name1 wonders if he sees the same defiance reflected in her eyes.

She resists the urge to flinch as his grip tightens, squeezing her hips forcefully. The pressure sends a jolt of pain coursing through her, but she does not yield. Instead, she fights to keep her expression unchanged, unwilling to show him the slightest sign of weakness.

“Beautiful, isn’t she?” the burly man muses aloud, his gaze roaming over $name1’s naked form. “I wonder what lies beneath that icy exterior.
He chuckles softly, his grip tightening around $name1’s slim waist. “Ah, the mystery wrapped in silk…”

$name1 tries to steady her breathing, her nipples erect from the cold air. She can feel the man’s arousal pressing against her back, a stark reminder of her vulnerability.

He smashes her against the wall, pinning her wrists above her head. His broad shoulders block her path, trapping her in a prison of her own making. His breath is hot and heavy, smelling vaguely of alcohol and cigarettes.

$name1 can feel her heart pounding in her chest, the blood rushing through her veins like molten lava. She tries to remain calm, to project an aura of indifference that she hopes will dissuade him from acting on his baser instincts.

But deep down, she knows that her efforts are futile. The burly man has seen countless women like her pass through these halls, and he won’t hesitate to take advantage of her vulnerability.

“You’re a feisty one, aren’t you?” he says, his voice thick with lust and anticipation.

He strokes himself, his erection rigid and throbbing, as he watches $name1’s eyes widen in surprise.

“It won’t hurt,” he assures her, his words dripping with false reassurance. “Just relax and enjoy it.”

$name1’s jaw clenches, her teeth grinding together as she struggles to contain her rage. She wants to scream, to fight back, but she knows that resistance is futile. Instead, she focuses on controlling her breathing, trying to stay calm and composed.

He places a hand on her shoulder, pushing $name1 to her knees.
She stumbles slightly, her knees hitting the cold, unforgiving concrete floor.

The sudden impact sends a jolt of pain shooting up her thighs, but she grinds her teeth, refusing to acknowledge the discomfort. She knows that her captor derives pleasure from her suffering, and she will not give him the satisfaction of seeing her in distress.

“There’s a good girl,” coos the burly man, his voice dripping with patronizing condescension.

“Just lean forward slightly, and you’ll find that…”

Before he finishes speaking, $name1 thrusts her head downward, her mouth eagerly enveloping the swollen head of his penis. The taste is bitter and acrid, a testament to the seediness of her surroundings.

She sucks greedily, her tongue swirling around the sensitive underside of his shaft. Her hands grasp his muscular thighs, her nails digging into his flesh as she seeks purchase.

The man in question groans, his cock swelling within her mouth as he relishes the sensation of her skilled ministrations. $name1 feels the heat of his erection radiating through his pants, a stark contrast to the frigid chill of the concrete floor below.

She pulls her head back, her mouth leaving a trail of saliva as she retreats. The head of his cock glistens in the dim light, a testament to $name1’s diligent attentions. The taste is intoxicating, a potent cocktail of lust and power that fuels her determination to please.

$name1 revels in the sensation of his engorged member sliding smoothly past her lips, savoring every delicious inch as it disappears between her greedy, wet kisses.

Her tongue swirls around the crown, teasing the sensitive underside with gentle flicks and licks. The man moans appreciatively, his hips bucking involuntarily as he surrenders to the exquisite pleasure $name1 provides.

“That’s it, baby,” he mutters hoarsely, his voice thick with lust. “Take it all.”

$name1 obeys, her mouth stretching wide to accommodate his girth.
She wraps her plump lips around the base of his shaft, sucking firmly as she works her way up the length of his cock.

Each stroke brings a new wave of pleasure, a symphony of sensations that builds within her core. As she continues to suckle, her movements become more urgent, her hunger for release growing stronger with each passing moment.

The man responds with a guttural groan, his hands grasping at $name1’s hair as he bucks his hips, driving his erection deeper into her mouth. She responds with a muffled cry, her throat constricting around his rampant member.

Grasping the back of her head, her new owner starts thrusting. Fucking the back of her throat.

Each thrust pushes $name1 deeper into her submissive role, her throat burning with the effort to swallow his massive cock.

Her hands grip his thighs, her nails scoring lines of red across his skin. He groans, his cock swelling in response to $name1’s aggressive suction.

“You really love this, don’t you?” he taunts, his voice a low rumble. “What a slut you are.”

$name1 ignores his words, focusing instead on the task at hand. She bobs her head, her lips moving up and down along the length of his shaft.

With each movement, her cheeks hollow out, creating a vacuum that draws him deeper into her throat. His moans intensify, his cock swelling with pleasure at the attention she lavishes upon him.

“You’re doing great, baby,” he whispers, his voice a soft murmur. “Just keep going.”

$name1 continues to work her magic, her lips wrapping tightly around his erection. She pulls back again, her head jerking rapidly as she pumps his cock in and out of her mouth.

Her owner’s thrusting continued, forcing his member down her throat. Fluids gushing out of her mouth with each sway.

Then in a single grunt, he pulls out of her mouth with a trail of saliva.
$name1’s head swims, her vision blurring as the man’s ejaculate bathes her face. She tastes the bitter tang of semen, a sharp contrast to the sweetness of her lover’s cum.

The memory of their shared passion fills her mind, a vivid image of their bodies entwined in passionate embrace.

Her new owner chuckles cruelly, his voice a twisted parody of tenderness. “Now, I want you to get on the bed,” he purrs, his fingers tracing lazy circles on her back.

$name1 hesitates, her eyes darting nervously around the room. She can sense her captor’s impatience, a palpable energy that permeates the air like a heavy fog. Swallowing hard, she complies, crawling onto the mattress and lying down on her stomach.

The cold linens send a shiver down her spine, reminding her of the depravity that surrounds her.

“Good girl,” he praises, his voice laced with approval. “Now, spread your legs for me.”

$name1 freezes, her heart thumping erratically in her chest as she hears the door to the room open, and the sound of multiple sets of footsteps enter…


Author: Alice

Alice is one of the founding authors of, and enjoys a variety of erotic kinks from cuckolding and voyeurism, to oral fixations and fantasy genres.

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