Fucked By The Boss In The Office

$name1 is working late, and she notices her boss, $name2, is also there… They meet in the kitchenette to make a coffee, but they end up finding motivation elsewhere…

Clacking high heels echoed through the otherwise somber and silent, my-chair-is-my-only-friend, kind of workplace. Fingers drummed away in silence on keyboards, buried away behind stacks of cardboard, windows clung to, and other various means of avoiding eye contact or the chaos of restructuring.

$name1 navigated the treacherous obstacle course, trying to avoid being sucked into the vortex of misery that was the second half of her day.
The gray carpet absorbed any light that managed to slip through the canyons of cubicles.

The towering glass façade showed promise, allowing her to view the horizon’s gradient sunset—a brief symphony of color before the capricious hands of dusk transformed it into a field of stars. It comforted her, offering her a view of the world outside, something beyond sales targets and the mountains of paperwork.

Reaching the promised land on the 28th floor, she took a moment to admire the vista.

Sunsets were taken seriously here—it was evident in the office’s design, with glass walls showing off both the vantage point and the brilliant shades of pink, orange, and red.

Inhaling deeply, $name1 continued down the hall, greeted by the gentle buzz of an air purifier and the hum of the metropolis below. It smelled like vanilla and success, and it was frankly intoxicating.

Her reverie was broken just as she settled in front of her desk.
Across the low partition that separated their workstations, she saw a glimmer of warmth; her boss, $name2, still grinding away.

“Working late, I see,” he said, barely sparing a glance up from his laptop. His voice was sultry in contrast to the dim dimness and unforgivingly sterile environment.

“I could say the same for you,” $name1 quipped back, unabashedly admiring him.

$name2, for his part, looked positively tantalizing.

Collared shirt undone and sleeves rolled up, tie just slightly askew. A little disheveled, and it suited him well.

He threw his head back and laughed, the sound low and manly. “What can I say? I find inspiration in the quiet corners of the office.”

Her imagination—well-acquainted with $name2’s quiet corners—went wild. $name1 decidedly batted away those thoughts, and decided to keep things professional.

She flashed him a knowing smile and responded, “A few extra hours in the office might help us get that campaign off the ground, don’t you think?”

“If anyone can do it, it’s us,” he responded, a smoldering intensity in his eyes that, despite her efforts, stirred a spark of excitement deep inside of her. “All-nighters are a team effort anyway, right?”

A shiver ran down her spine.

The atmosphere shifted. Flirting was one thing, but they’d never crossed the line before.

Curiosity piqued, $name1 kicked off her heels, crossed and uncrossed her legs, setting it all in motion. She was unsure of how to react.

As her professional guard started to crack, she caught herself gazing at his lips. “Right, coffee?” she offered, attempting to stave off any awkward encounters.

$name2 watched her with a hungry gaze, looking as if he’d like to devour her right then and there. “Please.

The kitchenette felt cozy, almost quaint compared to the sprawling office they had left behind.

$name1 moved with purpose, reaching for coffee filters and decanting fresh coffee beans into the grinder.

The sound of the grinder grinding, filling the space, and mingling with their breaths, sealed the pact they had unintentionally forged.
$name2 stood effortlessly at the narrow counter, his arms crossed, blue eyes piercing the calm air.

He leisurely watched $name1 as she busied herself making the coffee—a not-so-subtle diversion she hoped would thin the tension.

“Is it just me, or is it getting really hot in here?” $name1 riffled through a cabinet for a coffee mug, searching for solace amidst the cluttered mess.
$name2’s low baritone vibrated through the space. “Just you.”

Goddamn, she swore to herself. The last thing that she wanted was to turn into a blushing mess.

$name2’s gaze lingered on her, the depth of his lust palpable and magnetic. With the promise of a shared moment between them, an electric current surged through the room.

“If I could taste you, just once,” he murmured, his voice thick with desire.
$name1’s breath caught at the hungry expression on his face.

Without another thought, she crossed the meeting room, the elegance of the polished wooden floor cool beneath her feet. She paused briefly, a few inches from the table, waiting for any sign of hesitation from him.

Instead, $name2 took a step closer, his imposing figure radiating a heady mix of unbridled hunger and intense power.

$name1 leaned against the table, propping herself up on her elbows, displaying her readiness to indulge his fantasy.

$name2 smirked appreciatively as her slim form bent over the glossy hardwood, her taut stomach momentarily on display before being hidden by the fabric of her fitted pencil skirt. $name1 shivered, a mix of anticipation and trepidation.

The silence that echoed between them was enough to drive her wild.
His breathing grew heavy, matching hers. $name2’s presence was imposing as he moved closer, his broad shoulders easily overshadowing her. She could feel his warmth emanating, wrapping itself around her, fueling her own desire.

$name2’s fingers tenderly brushed $name1’s cheek, tilting her face towards his. His masculine scent filled her nostrils as he leaned in. He gently bit her lower lip, silently asking for permission. She willingly obliged, parting her lips to allow him entrance.

The conference room basked in the gentle embrace of the low lighting, casting a warm halo around $name1 and $name2 as they tasted the forbidden fruit of their connection.

Their magnetic pull towards each other had, at last, spiraled out of control, shattering the glass walls that separating their professional lives from the desires that burned deep within.

$name2’s hands, once so tentative, ran down the curve of $name1’s back, feeling the delicate way her spine fit into the palm of their hands.
She shivered, her skin sensitive to the touch of her boss’s rough fingers, which lingered on her upper thigh before breaking contact.

Her pulse raced, clouding her thoughts with unbridled lust as she looked into his blue depths. The corners of his mouth quirked upwards, a hunger flashing behind those eyes that told her something darker was coming.
“$name2,” she whispered as his lips left hers, her breath hot on his cool cheeks.

She knew well that this was the point of no return, but she couldn’t bring herself to care. In this moment, nothing else mattered but him and the near-visible waves of desire that surrounded their intense connection.

He took a moment to catch his breath— a testament to his restraint in this encounter. With a guttural growl, he grabbed the edges of the table behind $name1, leaning in for another kiss, their faces meeting in modesty while his hands explored her body.

She moaned into his mouth, feeling the curve of his lips against hers and a heat pooling between her legs. Her heart raced, fluttering wildly like a caged bird wanting to break free.

His hands slid up her waist, settling on her ample breasts as he found her nipples through the fabric of her blouse. Her pert nubs hardened under his touch, causing her to gasp and shiver—raising goosebumps on her exposed arms at the intimate sensation.

$name2 dexterously unfastened her blouse, revealing her perfect, taut breasts secured by the sexy, black lace bra she wore. He couldn’t help but stare for a few seconds, taking her in.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful,” he swore, dropping his head to capture one pink nipple in his mouth, while $name1 threw her head back and let out a breathy noise that only made his lust for her burn hotter.

She grabbed the back of his head, her nails digging into his scalp as she urged him to continue.

“Oh, fuck, $name2. Just like that,” $name1 cooed breathlessly, her chest heaving with exertion.

Her legs trembled with barely contained pleasure as he folded himself over her, each pull of his lips and flick of his tongue sending a delicious shiver down her spine. He was all-consuming, entirely focused on the glorious task before him.

Kneeling on the plush carpet that’d moments before cushioned corporate feet, the room now felt like a den of decadence.

Her backside pressed to the table’s edge, skirt hitched up around her waist—her naked sex vulnerable while tangled in black thong lace.

$name2’s growl reverberated between her thighs, sending a corresponding throb up her spine. Her legs wrapped around his broad shoulders as she surrendered to the prurient tongue that painted wet trails along her slit. The table creaked as she arched her back, offering herself to his ministrations while the low lighting danced across her sweat-kissed skin.

$name2’s strong hands gripped her hips, holding her steady as his tongue found its intended target, teasing her wet, swollen lips. A sudden, raw longing to be filled coursed through her.

“Please, $name2—I want you inside me,” she whispered, her voice thick with anticipation.

Her words sparked a fire within $name2, amplifying his own need. Ungodly, erotic thoughts swimming in his mind, threatening to derail him as a primal urge to conquer and consume consumed him whole. He needed to feel her just as much.

With deft fingers, he peeled her thong slowly down her legs, leaving her spread wide for his taking.

Unzipping his fly, he presented $name1 with his swollen member.
Its thickness and veiny length teased her with the promise of satisfaction she had craved since first laying her eyes on $name2.

He gradually pushed inside her velvety pussy, still slick and warm from pleasure coaxed by his tongue. Her tight walls stretched and enveloped him exquisitely, pulling a drawn-out groan from deep within his chest.
“Fucking hell, $name1, you feel amazing,” he muttered under his breath, sweat trickling down his chest as her body welcomed him in.

The sensation of him filling her up had $name1’s eyes rolling, her nails gripping the polished wood of the tableate edge. A contented sigh escaped her lips, easing into their deeply-desired connection. Her legs quivered uncontrollably, savoring this taboo sensation caused by their forbidden congress.

$name2 began to thrust, each stroke deliberate and measured as he built up a steady rhythm. $name1 matched his beat by lifting her hips, inviting him to sink deeper into her welcoming abode.

She clenched her muscles around his shaft, milking him with every powerful thrust. Sweat trickled down her forehead and neck and was caught by her heaving bosom.

Their heavy breaths intermingled, filling the room with irrepressible lust. $name2 leaned forward, capturing a shell-pink nipple between his teeth and giving it a playful bite. She responded with a sharp gasp, prompting him to tug harder, pleased by her reactiveness.

His groin met her ass with every confident push, causing their bodies to slap together in a depraved yet alluring harmony.

$name1, her arms dangling haphazardly over the table’s end, clutched its edges to keep herself from falling apart before she wanted to. Her body screamed for release, tightening around him as he sank deeper and deeper inside of her.

Her breath hitched as he pulled almost entirely out, only to let him slide back in, just as slick and hard as before. Each stroke caused her stunning breasts to bounce in response, leaving her breathless from intense pleasure that threatened to take over.

“You’re so goddamn tight,” $name2 growled, nuzzling her neck with his lips, his beard tickling her sensitive skin sending shivers of delight down her spine.

$name1’s voice cracked with need, as she struggled to articulate her own desires.

“Harder, $name2. Goddamnit, I want to feel every inch of you.”
Determined to fulfill her request, $name2 adjusted his positioning, the new angle causing them to both moan with pleasure and satisfaction.

His beautifully rigid cock grazed against her g-spot with each forceful thrust.

$name1 was building steadily, her body inching closer to the edge of euphoria. She could feel the pressure mounting inside her, threatening to tear her apart.

A pleasurable heat bloomed between her thighs, her core clenching around him. The climb was becoming steeper with every thrust, pulling her closer and closer to the summit.

$name2’s eyes locked on hers, their faces only an inch apart. He hissed, hissed, his thighs tensing with each powerful surge of his hips. The table shook beneath them, threatening to collapse under the weight of their desire.

Her own orgasm took her by surprise. $name1’s nails dug into his broad shoulders as her pleasure ripped through her like a hurricane.

$name2’s thrusts became more labored and his groans louder.

$name1’s inner walls tightened around him, sending him to the brink. She came hard, her fingers digging into his back as she screamed his name, her pussy spasming around his cock.

“Oh, fuck! Yes, Jess! Just like that!” $name2’s control snapped and he released his load deep inside of her, a guttural roar escaped him as he emptied himself into her.

Her own climax intensified at the sensation of his lustful explosion, her nails raking down his back, leaving red marks behind.

As she trembled and pulsed with aftershocks, $name2 buried his face into her neck, desperately trying to catch his breath.

The tension that engulfed the room shattered, replaced by an overwhelming sensation of serenity. Their bodies still intertwined and gasping for breath, the couple exchanged tender glances filled with wholly unprofessional companionship.

As they attempted to regain their composure, $name1 delicately slipped out from underneath $name2, her legs shaky.

He stepped back, hastily refastening his pants. Their coupling had been shamelessly raw and intense—something they normally would not dare to entertain in their workplace.

In the aftermath, $name1 busied herself by tidying up her appearance.

As she fixed her hair and adjusted her pantsuit, she caught $name2 staring.

The undeniable hunger in his gaze made something within her ignite all over again.

“Again?” she asked softly, locking eyes with him over the table.
$name2 swallowed, closing the distance between them.

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