FPOV: Swimming Pool Fuck

Written for ladies. Told from the perspective of the female lead, you decide to go swimming with your best friend, Cameron, at the lido in the next town. At the pool, you catch the eye of $name1 , who takes swimming off your mind…

That Sunday I wanted to do something different. Something I never did, because I always stayed home resting, watching TV, things like that. So I decided to hang out with a friend.

My friend would drag me into activities that I didn’t like very much, with the excuse of keeping us active, to use her own words. This time, she came up with the great idea of going for a swim in the local outdoor pool.

Before this, we went shopping together, since I hadn’t bought a swimsuit in a long time. 

I wasn’t sure what size to buy. 

My attributes could be all over the place. My tits were huge, and my butt was not far behind. 

I needed a proper bathing suit so that my tits would stay in and safe in the bathing suit at all times. 

My friend was losing patience with my extreme levels of indecisiveness, and I was resolving to the fact that no bathing suit would suit me. 

We walked from store to store looking for the perfect bathing suit for me, until we finally found it, much to my friend’s relief. 

When we got home, I tried it on and was very satisfied. My breasts looked very provocative, not to mention my butt, which looked voluminous and well-shaped. 

I could show it off, and still, be very confident that it was going to look great. 

We got in the car and decided to go to the lido in the next town over. It was a little bit of a drive, but on the other side of a hill area, and according to our phones the weather was better.

It felt like an eternity getting there, but we did and changed into our swimsuits. My friend had a less voluptuous body than mine, but she looked great in a bathing suit. 

I could not deny that it was relaxing to be there swimming in the sun, and it was a welcome change of pace.

When I felt it was enough, I got out of the pool and went to lie down on one of those chairs under an umbrella. 

While I was in the pool, I noticed that a man had been looking at me without making too much of a fuss. My friend had also noticed but said nothing about it. 

After a few minutes, the man approached us to introduce himself by looking at me shamelessly, without any attempt to hide it. The swimsuit I had bought seemed to be the right one. 

My friend, noticing this, announced that she had to leave, it was late, according to her, and she had to go meet other friends, whose body was that of a swimmer, and he introduced himself as $name1.

My eyes wandered over his sculpted abs. He was a few years older than me, or so I thought. His eyes were shining in the sunlight, and I couldn’t help but feel a little intrigued and very flattered that this man took the trouble to come and talk to me. 

My friend was gone, and I decided to go back into the pool with that man whose body was soon very close to mine, caressing me in the underwater pool. 

There were very few people in the pool; it was an ordinary Sunday evening. 

$name1 came closer and closer to me as I stood there in the pool with my elbows on the edge. I thought that just flirting with such a handsome man would not hurt anyone, but I soon realized that it was more than that. 

He was wearing a very tight swimsuit showing that he was very well endowed, and he slithered through the water to me with an undeniably seductive smile and grabbed me by the waist, drawing me to him.

There were people there who were watching, although it was not unusual for us to do so. Suddenly he lowered his hand to my buttocks, squeezing them. I took my hand away from him, laughing and wishing I hadn’t. 

He stuck his pelvis against me, and there I knew he had a big erection.

We couldn’t get out of the water yet.

He rubbed himself against my pussy, I could feel him as if he had nothing on, and I got excited right away as he wrapped his strong arms around me, and kept rubbing himself and sticking his hands under my bathing suit, sticking one finger in my pussy, then two. I closed my eyes, and I didn’t do much, just enjoyed what was happening. 

$name1 kept moving his fingers slowly, first one, then he stuck a second finger in once more, looking everywhere to make sure no one was watching. I decided to open my eyes, as it was suspicious to keep them closed, however, I wanted to moan against his ear, to scream if possible. 

He sped up the movements of his fingers by inserting them deeper and deeper, while his free hand grabbed my breast. He wanted to take away my bathing suit, but I refused. 

He kept touching me a lot underwater where he had given up inserting his fingers in my pussy, and replaced it with caressing my bottom.

Finally, he kissed me and his kisses were an immediate trigger, all my fluids mixed with the water. I wanted to check something, and his dick was getting harder and harder. 

I wanted to feel her inside me. 

I no longer felt the water so cold around me. He turned me over with one hand and I rested my arms on the edge of the pool, while he pushed aside the bottom of my swimsuit and slowly and gently penetrated me, sinking into my pussy. 

He moved his hips slowly, but, it was extraordinary to fuck underwater. 

His hands went all over my body, his cock pierced my pussy, he moved in such a way that whoever saw us would not know we were fucking, but there was no one there anymore. 

I started moaning underneath, turning my head so that only he could hear me. He covered my back with kisses and kept his hands on my breasts as he exquisitely fucked me underwater.

It was not necessary to take off our respective bathing suits. He penetrated me without hurrying, but without stopping at any moment.

All that was pushing me to the limit, I wanted to scream, but I was content to groan as quietly as I could. I felt that he increased the speed for a moment and then he pulled out, cumming half in me and half in the water. 

It was time to go home, and $name1 and I said goodbye outside the pool. In all the excitement of Cameron leaving, thinking she was being a good wing woman, she’d left me stranded and I had to take a cab home while thinking about $name1 the whole way.

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