FPOV: The Morning After A Night Out

Written for women, by a woman, and in the first-person POV of a woman – this erotic tale starts on the Sunday morning, after a night out ending in your friend staying over and enjoying a lazy Sunday that ends in a lesbian romp.

It was Sunday and we had nothing concrete planned. We woke up almost at noon and were very hungry, but I didn’t dare to cook, so $name1 volunteered to do so.

It had been a nice gesture on his part, and we set out to order a couple of movies, so we could spend Sunday afternoon relaxing at home. I didn’t know when $name1 was planning to leave; however, it didn’t bother me at all.

I was always alone in the house, and having her as a guest was no problem, on the contrary, I was pleased and felt very comfortable in her presence. We sat on the couch, $name1 made some snacks and we spent time watching movies.

Neither one of us talked much, just enough to comment on the occasional scene. I wasn’t sure if these were ideas that had been forged in my mind, but

I felt that there was tension in the air, something didn’t seem quite right.

$name1 was sitting on the couch very close to me, rubbing my arm every time she put a piece of food in her mouth. I was sitting very still, and I was looking at her sideways. The second movie of the afternoon was hard for me to pay attention to.

$name1 appeared to be in focus by staring at the screen, yet I was watching it from milestone to milestone, pretending to watch the movie.

She hadn’t had a chance to change, so I had to lend her some clothes that were a bit too big for her, but in my opinion, she looked very sexy with her hair in a mess, no makeup, the flannel I had lent her was too loose, and yet her beautiful breasts were perfectly drawn. I was tempted to reach out and touch her breasts, but I held back.

At one point, she caught me looking at her and saw me laughing and being surprised. I closed my eyes for a moment in embarrassment; it had not been my intention to observe her so insistently.

I sketched a smile as an apology, but she caught me placing a hand on my hair, caressing it, and then pressing it on the back of my neck, and drew me towards her to kiss me.

Her kisses soon made me wet my panties. She kissed very slowly and softly, trying to massage my tongue with hers deliciously, caressing my hair in the meantime. I settled down well on the sofa so that we were face to face, very close to each other, so that our breasts touched, and it was an unparalleled sensation.

I wrapped my arms around her, squeezing her a little, while the kisses became more intense. I put one hand on her breasts, which I had wanted to do for several minutes, and squeezed them without much force, concentrating on her nipple.

Suddenly our clothes began to bother me much more than I would have thought possible, and I felt uncomfortable on that couch. I wanted more space and more freedom.

I suggested to $name1 that we go up to my room. Once there, we collapsed on my bed, I fell on top of $name1, and I took off the flannel she was wearing, and her shorts fell to the floor of my room.

I threw myself at her as if I was very hungry and she was a particularly delicious dish. Her hair was on her face, I pulled it away and continued to kiss her vehemently, holding one of my hands to her pussy.

She was still in her underwear, so I masturbated over her panties, which were already very wet. I removed them and sank two of my fingers into her pussy moving them conscientiously, without hurrying, and without stopping kissing her.

$name1 groaned over my mouth, and I decided to kiss her neck, going down to her breasts where I stopped to run my tongue over her erect nipples. As I did so, she lifted her hips, already very excited, as I had not stopped moving my fingers inside her.

Without delay, I increased the speed, and my fingers were soaked in a matter of seconds. $name1 groaned louder and louder. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and stood up.

She was a little disappointed, but I only did it to get a vibrator that I inserted into her pussy after turning it on, without neglecting her breasts by running a wet finger across her nipples which were getting harder and more prominent with every passing second.

I moved the vibrator inside her as I licked her nipples, and $name1 screamed with great energy, forming a scandal worthy of being heard throughout the building.

I concentrated so hard on her that I forgot to take off my clothes. I stopped for a second to do so, and she touched my big breasts, eager to put them in her mouth. I indulged her as the vibrator continued in her pussy giving her great pleasure.

I kissed her for a second before telling her I wanted to eat her pussy, she smiled a little, and I went down sinking between her legs, licking her inner thighs, then quickly passing my tongue over her clitoris.

I had removed the vibrator and set out to eat her pussy as I had never had the joy of eating a pussy before. She put her hands on my head pushing me further towards her.

I sucked her lips, licked and kissed her pussy non-stop, making her lower lips my favorite home. I inserted my fingers again, and it didn’t take long for her to have an orgasm that left her shaking for a few seconds.

I lay down on the bed, and $name1, after regaining her energy pounced on me and sucked my nipples, licked my abdomen until she reached my pussy which she licked like a possessed woman, moving her fingers inside me at such a speed that my screams began without the usual preamble of the moaning.

She knew what she was doing, my pussy was very wet, and it didn’t take long for me to have an orgasm, my excitement was already at its peak. We both continued to kiss and hug, saying erotic things to each other that were definitely turning us on once again.

I got on top of $name1, doing the most delicious Tribbing. I grabbed her legs and lifted them, so that her pussy was exposed, that way our clitoris made contact.

I was moving my hips very fast, while $name1 asked me not to stop, not to stop at any time; she said it in an intermittent voice, which seemed very sensual to me.

I felt like a second orgasm was coming to me at full speed, which made me move even faster, our pussies were very wet, and they would be even wetter. $name1 was screaming, and I knew we would reach orgasm together.

I squirted on top of $name1 who was breathing heavily; she didn’t say anything when I collapsed on her exhausted chest.

After spending a few more minutes laying in my bed, we spent the rest of Sunday the way we had planned to spend Sunday from the beginning. $name1 left very early on Monday; we both had to work. Our Sunday couldn’t have turned out better…


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