Freshman Virgin Car Fun

$name1 has lived a sheltered life and is now determined to make freshman year at college a “great year”, making up for the lost time. This is where she meets $name2, and after getting to know him, he helps her with some of her firsts…

Requested by Annie, September 30 2021

$name1 was a regular girl in freshman year, apart from the fact she was homeschooled, and missed out on a lot, if not all, the general social “fun” that comes with high school, the good and the bad.

Being homeschooled, also meant a lack of opportunities to meet boys, fool around, and have a “prom night”. $name1 was far from innocent. She spent evenings in her bedroom watching porn and working her way through all the long and round objects she could find in the house… But had never put any of her skills into practice on anything more than a vegetable.

In a bid to re-engage with more people her age, and to not get left behind (again) $name1 decided to join and try out for the field hockey team. She wasn’t tall enough for basketball, fierce enough for Lacrosse, and probably not attractive enough for cheerleading.

Not ugly by any stretch of the imagination, $name1’s charms and looks were more “girl next door”, with her bouncing, long brown curly locks, and her snow-white complexion. Her body was toned, but her boobs and butt were both small, so wouldn’t be turning any heads with either asset.

After getting onto the field hockey team, well the reserve team, they held practice most evenings, and sometimes they shared the pitches with the men’s teams. This is where she met $name2.

$name2 was quite tall, dark hair, and at the college on a scholarship, and in his senior year – so hockey was, and had been his life, and his body reflected this commitment.

After practices, the women’s and men’s teams would go and hang out at a local diner, and arcade, and it’s during this time $name1 was able to talk to $name2, growing closer to him and telling him all about her homeschooling and, she may have let slip her lack of experience.

On a wet Fall evening, after practice and hanging out at the arcade, $name2 offered to drive $name1 back to her accommodation on campus. $name1 looking at the weather outside and wanting to get closer to him and spend more quality time with him – she jumped at the change.

On the drive home, they go past the practice fields, and $name2 remarks at how he finds her sexy in her practice shorts and t-shirt, and that she’s one of the prettiest girls he’d ever seen, with a personality to match.

$name1 flustered and nervous looks across to $name2 and puts her hand on his thigh.

Pull over.

She says, and $name2 obliged. With the car stationary, $name1 unbuckles and reaches over in the car and starts kissing $name2, who reciprocates and kisses back. Their tongues exploring each other’s mouths, entwined and wrestling for control.

He placed his hand on her thigh and then moved it up to her neck, which he caresses as he makes out with $name1.

His hand moves down to her collarbone, and then her chest as he squeezes her boob through her shirt and bra… $name1 breaks the kiss to let out a long, deep sigh. This is the first time anyone other than herself has squeezed her B cup boobs.

$name1 takes his hand and moves it down, then up her shirt, letting him move his hand under her bra and squeeze her nipple for the first time.

They break to look at each other and decide to move to the backseat of the car where there is more room.

In the back of the car, $name1 lifts off her shirt and $name2 follows suit. They lay down on the seats, kissing, their upper bodies making skin-to-skin contact. $name2 unclips $name1’s bra, and her very hard nipples graze across his chest.

$name1 takes a moment and holds herself over $name2. He is taken aback by how beautiful and sexy she is. He takes off his pants and she can see his bulge, which she is delighted to see.

They continue to kiss, as $name2 alternates to kiss and suck on her nipples, and $name1 now has a firmer hold on his bulge through his boxers. The first cock she had ever held, and it wasn’t a little one.

As $name1 began to stroke it through his boxers, $name2 had a better idea. He rolled them both over so she was on her back, and kisses down her body, moves her lacey pants aside, and starts to expertly lick and suck around her clit, lashing it with his tongue and tasting her juices.

$name1 almost came immediately from the sensation, the first tongue and cunnilingus on her pussy was driving her insane.

$name2 reaches up as his tongue is deep inside her and starts playing with her boobs, playing with, and twisting her nipples.

$name1 starts to convulse, as an orgasm rippled through her body. $name2 dutifully laps at her pussy and juices with his tongue. Panting, giggles with joy at the first orgasm she’d experienced delivered by someone else.

$name2 goes back and kisses her, $name1 bites his lip playfully, tasting herself on the lips and tongue of another man was sending shivers through her body… I wonder what he tastes like… She thought to herself.

She reaches down with her hands and pulls his cock out of his boxers. $name2’s cock was a good, thick 7 inches, already semi-glistening with precum. It was much bigger than any of the vegetables and household objects she had been practicing on…

Kissing down $name2’s chest, $name1 works her way to his cock, taking the tip into her mouth and sucking in, swallowing, her first taste of precum.

She looks him in the eye and starts working his cock with her mouth and hands in unison. She may not have the experience with real-life cock but watching a lot of porn and practicing to herself, she’d learned a thing or to and was impressed with herself that $name2 seemed to be enjoying her first blowjob.

$name1’s spit is shimmering on his shaft as she works more and more of his cock into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat. Wet and sloppy was how they did it in porn, so she only knew one way…

She continues and he starts grunting and moaning. After a couple of minutes, he cums in her mouth. Thick white lashings of cum landing against the reddish pink of her tongue, as $name1, swallows every last drop.

Exhausted, they both collapse on the back seat, stare at each other and giggle… Knowing that despite the dismal Fall weather, they could make the most of these dark evenings and nights…

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