Cheating Girlfriend Anal

$name1 has been naughty and spent the afternoon with Gary, fucking. She’s just gotten home and as she’s settling in, her boyfriend, $name2, greets her and wants some fun of his own… But $name1 needs to keep her afternoon secret…

All $name1 wanted to do was to get into a hot bath. She had blown off the afternoon at work to go and meet Gary. This wasn’t the first time she had done this, but feeling his thick cock fill her was so satisfying, and the relief she needed.

Her pussy was still a little sore, and definitely still wet from both her juices and his load that she took inside of her.

As $name1 got through the door, she took off her coat and put her bag on the floor, as her boyfriend $name2 came up behind her and enclosed her in a hug.

$name2 held the hug for a few seconds kissed the back of her neck and moved his hands to her buttocks… He was clearly happy that she was home.

$name1 hoped that he didn’t smell anything to give her away, like Gary’s cologne… And as she stood back it was very clear that he wanted to give her a big welcome…

After her shower, she was prepared to give $name2 all the hugs, kisses, and anything else he wanted… But not right now, not whilst her dirty little secret and his cum were still inside her pussy.

$name1 turned her face away from the kisses, telling him she was tired and wanted to go to the bathroom.

Come on, honey. It’s just a kiss…

$name2 said seeking her mouth again. $name1 was aware that this was never just going to be a kiss.

He pressed himself closer to her, rubbing against her body, and $name1 noticed right away that he had a huge erection.

$name1 had no idea how she was going to refuse. She was also starting to get a bit turned on despite less than 2 hours ago, she was taking Gary’s huge cock inside her.

If she refused, he might notice that something wasn’t quite right, as it wasn’t often that she did.

There in the middle of the living room, he continued to kiss
her even though she had turned her face away a couple of times, conscious that she had just had another man’s cock in her mouth.

$name2 wrapped his arms around $name1, squeezing her tight, and she had no choice to kiss him back. He thrust his tongue into her mouth, and their tongues circled each other.

$name1 reciprocated as much as she could, still very much conscious of the encounter that had taken place before she got home.

He turned $name1 around and kissing the back of her neck from behind taking her tits with his hands, squeezing them, and pulling on her nipples through her dress.

He rubbed his cock against her buttocks, so hard, she thought he would pierce one of them.

As $name2 began to hitch up her dress, it all became too real. If they fucked, he would realize that $name1 had had sex recently, and needless to say, it hadn’t been with him.

$name2 stretched out an arm to reach the front of her panties and play with her pussy, and as he made contact with the fabric he smiled – feeling the wetness, not all of it from him.

Her pussy had been like that from before she walked through the door, and she knew as soon as he touched it, or at worse – tasted it, he would realize…

Something had to happen, something had to distract him and keep her secret. So she did it. $name1 turned and dropped to her knees, unveiling his cock in an almost single motion.

Taking his cock in her mouth, to the back of her throat, $name1 knew if she could make her boyfriend cum in her mouth, it would keep the secret of her cheating.

She worked his cock the best she could, and as much as he was enjoying it, and as much as he was moaning, he wasn’t getting closer.


It had to be something more, and she knew exactly what she had to do next.

$name1 turned to face him…

Honey, how about we do it a little differently this time? Wouldn’t you like that?

$name2 looked excitedly at her.

$name1 stood up and sensually whispered in his ear, whispered that she wanted him, and she wanted him to fuck her ass… To be the first to fuck it.

$name2 kissed her ardently, undressing me. He went to insert his fingers into her pussy, and she stopped him. She knelt on the sofa, pulled her dress up and over, and brandished her ass for him.

Bend over more.

He told her, and with one hand, he pushed her head, so that her cheek was pressed to the cushion, and her ass raised and exposed.

$name2 knelt behind her and started licking her asshole whilst spreading her buttocks wider. $name1 started moaning at the first rimming she had ever received.

$name1 closed my eyes, and was ready to enjoy it, until he suddenly stopped, and pointed his cock at her ass.

In view of the fact that his cock was not going to go in so easily, he inserted one finger, then two, moving them slowly. That alone had hurt, but not to the point where she couldn’t take it.

$name1 still had her cheek pressed to the cushion. His fingers moved little by little, opening her asshole. He spat, and so his fingers slid in better.

$name1 groaned, and moaned, driven by nerves.

$name2 tried once more to sink into her ass, he aimed and pushed gently. $name1 pulled away, getting used to the pain.

He stopped and tried again. That area was well lubricated, and that time a little more went into her, however, it continued to hurt and $name1 winced with the pain.

$name2 began to stop again, but sensing the tension $name1 turned her head:

No, it’s fine, just get it in me.

As she had sold the idea of anal as a “special treat”, and knowing how loving her boyfriend was, he would soon want to stop and fuck her pussy not wanting to hurt her – but that couldn’t happen.

$name1 took a deep breath as $name2 held her hips, and sank into her, going all the way in, forcing the last inch in as his abdomen smacked against her buttocks.

His thrusts, as time went on, became faster and faster, and harder and harder. $name1 squeezed her eyes tightly shut as she screamed like a madwoman.

$name2 was enjoying the tightness of her ass, and $name1 was doing her best to disguise her moans of pain as moans of pleasure.

Even though it hurt, as $name2 fucked her, she began to enjoy it. The nerves in her ass started to turn the pain into pleasure, and she was getting so turned on and loving the fact that he was enjoying it so much.

$name1 heard him grunt, and moan audibly, as he came inside her ass, flooding it with cum.

As he came, $name1 overwhelmed by the situation and feeling her ass fill with cum also succumb to an orgasm, her body shook, and she felt her own juices and Gary’s cum ooze from her pussy.

As $name2 pulled out, both loads began to mix as they dripped from her holes, down her thighs.

$name1 collapsed on the sofa, in a mixture of ecstasy and relief from the afternoon’s events.


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