Mature Lesbian Seduces Younger At Yoga

$name1 has been talked into going to a yoga class, which she hates, but makes a friend with the yoga instructor, an older lady by the name of $name2, who offers some private yoga classes…

The last thing $name1 wanted to do on a Saturday afternoon was to go to a yoga class.

One of her best friends and colleagues however was on a mission to make $name1 “more active”. Not that $name1 wasn’t active at all, far from, but yoga wasn’t the sort of activity that made her excited to go out.

How should I dress for a yoga class? Pondered $name1.

The obvious answer would be yoga pants and a form of a sporty T-shirt, but $name1 had rather large breasts, curves, an ass, and thighs, so she often avoided tight-fitting clothes through a mixture of self-consciousness and comfort.

The second problem $name1 faced was motivation to actually go – but with her friend picking her up, meaning she had a deadline to be ready by. This didn’t stop her from falling asleep on the couch…


$name1 awoke to the sound of her friend pounding on her apartment door, glancing at her phone she realized she was meant to have been ready 10 minutes ago and had missed calls and texts from her friend, now trying to force entry.

$name1 bolted upright, ran, and let her friend in before she alerted the entire neighborhood to $name1’s tardiness.

With her friend now contained in the living room, $name1 went straight to take a quick shower, dried off without putting on any makeup, tied her hair up into a bun at the back of her neck, threw on a “yoga class outfit” and went as fast as her legs would allow her to the living room, apologizing to her friend, and out the door.

Everyone saw $name1 and her friend when they entered, given they were 10 minutes or so late and the class had begun, with everyone stretching and attempting warm-up poses.

Once the class started, $name1 saw that the instructor was a very attractive woman in her late 40s or early 50s. She learned that from her friend since the instructor didn’t look that age at all. Her body was slim, she was blonde, her hair was up, and her skin was almost perfect.

Maybe living a healthy lifestyle had that effect…

$name1 watched her for what seemed like an endless time, and the instructor smiled when she noticed it.

$name1 felt a little embarrassed to be caught watching her, and blushing she looked away.

The woman wore typical yoga clothes, and her gaze rested on $name1 long enough for her to notice, and to turn red again.

After a while, it was clear that yoga was not $name1’s thing. The positions were bad and she almost fell over more than once.

Her friend was doing very well, and her body looked beautiful when she was in different positions, whereas $name1 was getting worse and worse, which caught the attention of the instructor who approached her to her guide her into the positions.

She gently but firmly grabbed me by the hips and helped $name1 do something that seemed unnecessarily complicated. $name1 could not bend her body like that.

While she was giving her instructions on how to do it, her breasts were bouncing right in front of $name1’s face.

$name1 could feel her hands grabbing her more firmly, and her face, on several occasions, was very close to her own.

$name1 turned my head to the other side, where her friend was, and she looked at $name1 strangely.

$name1 was almost on all fours when the instructor stood behind her holding her by the hips as if she wanted to fuck $name1. That couldn’t have been by chance, and on an impulse, $name1 turned her head to look back, and the instructor was biting her lower lip.

As the class ended, $name1 and her friend collected their belongings from the back of the class when the instructor approached them. They spoke for a few minutes, for the instructor to offer private tutoring to the girls.

$name1 looked at her friend and totally misread her face. She accepted, then her friend declined.


Said the instructor, here’s my card, give me a call and we can arrange a session.

$name1 teased her the whole time she was driving her home, and then even more by text that evening.

Later that evening, after a couple of glasses of wine $name1 decided to give the instructor, whose name she had discovered was $name2 a text to say thank you for the session that day.

$name2 texted back quite quickly, and soon the two had engaged in casual conversation, and after discussing wine, movies, and yoga… $name1 found herself complaining about backache from the session.

$name2 suggested a sports massage, to which $name1 agreed.

See you in 20 mins xx

The text read, wait, what?! Was $name2 coming round now?!

$name2 arrived very punctually and had barely given $name1 to come to terms with what was happening, time to shower, and time put on the first thing she could find.

They sat down to talk first, have a drink, and then $name2 told $name1 she needed space to show me how to do some recovery poses properly, and get that massage.

They moved the couch, table, and anything else that was in the way to create a fairly open space in the living area. $name2 rolled out a yoga mat across the rug.

$name2 could tell $name1 was breathing heavily, as she was helping position her and stretch her back out. She soon moved $name1 onto her knees and had her crouch down so her face was almost on the mat.

$name2’s hands were resting $name1’s hips until they slowly reached around onto her buttocks.

Her hands were small and did not cover them completely, but $name1 didn’t say anything, a combination of the wine and fear of offending someone made her keep quiet.

She squeezed a little bit and withdrew her hands without stopping pretending that it was yoga. She stood behind $name1, sticking her pelvis against her buttocks, and sensing no objections, brought her hands to $name1’s tits, no longer pretending.

$name2 squeezed them gently, caressing them, as she lay her body over $name1’s, reaching down to kiss her neck.

$name1 was wearing a simple t-shirt, and $name2 lifted it and pulled $name1’s tits out of her bra. She rubbed her nipples slowly with one finger.

$name1 was immediately aroused, and lifted her butt higher against $name2’s pelvis; she moved her hips in rhythm.

It was becoming apparent that clothes were no longer needed, and $name2 pulled off $name1’s T-shirt. $name1 took this opportunity to turn around, going face-to-face with $name2.

Without speaking, they connected, kissing, deeply and passionately, both just in their underwear.

Their hardening nipples pressing against each other, $name2 had much smaller boobs and $name1, but both were enjoying the sensation.

As $name2 kissed $name1, she slipped a hand between her legs, and she rubbed her clitoris over her pants, very gently, allowing $name1 to enjoy it more and more, without hurry.

$name1 was very wet; her fingers were moving expertly, sliding down and around $name1’s clit.

$name2 took out her hand to take the wet fingers to her mouth and licked them. $name1 did the same, putting her hand in her pussy until they couldn’t take it anymore, and both took everything off to caress each other more freely.

$name1 lay down on the carpet; $name2 was on top of her, sucking her nipples and biting them, while $name1 masturbated and played with her wet pussy.

Hearing the wetness, and $name1’s moans, $name2 stuck two of her fingers in $name1’s pussy, and pulled them out right away.

$name2 got up and went to the backpack she had brought over with her.

What was in it? $name1 hadn’t stopped to think about it, she had assumed it was for the mat and other yoga-related things… Then she saw that $name2 took a vibrator out…

She had come to her house very prepared.

$name2’s face lit up as she looked excitedly at $name1, and came over to her turning the vibrator on before she had knelt back down next to $name1 on the floor, pressing it immediately against her clit.

$name1 let out a moan of pleasure, the sudden and unexpected sensation of the vibrations on her clit was sending shivers all through her body.

$name2 leaned down and sucked on $name1’s nipples while she expertly maneuvered the dildo over her clit, making her squirm and moan.

She slowly moved the dildo to the lips of $name1’s pussy, but she was stopped. $name1 knew she would cum too fast if she did, and she didn’t want that to happen. Yet.

$name1 took control of the situation, and traded places with $name2, kissing her and caressing her body as they moved over.

$name1 took control of the vibrator and parted $name2’s pussy lips with it, teasing for a moment, before taking control and making it so she was the one moaning and squirming around on the floor.

Kissing $name2 deeply, $name1 removed the vibrator and sank her head between $name2’s legs. Sucking and lashing her tongue across her clip, lapping at her juices and wetness.

$name2 reached down and held her head in place, moaning at the pleasure that $name1’s expert tongue was bringing her.

With her body arching, and convulsing, $name2 reached an orgasm. Her fluids drowning $name1, filling her tongue, her mouth, and dripping down her chin. As $name1 looked up, emerging from between her legs she had fluids dripping down her chin and onto her massive tits.

Breathing heavily on the floor, recovering from her orgasm, $name2 started to smile and laugh. Looking up and down, admiring $name1’s amazing naked, glistening curves.

$name2 got herself up and went back over to the backpack, and pulled out what looked like underwear, but it wasn’t underwear, it was a harness. She picked the dildo off the floor and combined it with the harness as she put it on.

Hungrily looking over at $name1, she strolled forward now with the plastic cock bobbing between her legs.

$name1 just did as directed, and laid back, spreading her legs, allowing $name2 to place the tip of her strap-on cock by her pussy.

They both took a breath, and $name2 penetrated $name1 with everything she had.

There wasn’t much love in how $name2 was fucking $name1, still driven on by her orgasm she was determined to make $name1 cum hard. Her thighs, boobs, and body bouncing with the force of $name2’s thrusts.

Watching them bounce, mesmerized by them, $name2 grabbed both of $name1’s breasts, as their bodies smacked against each other.

$name1 had no control, $name2 was fucking her with relentlessly, and they both knew the orgasm was near.

She rammed me once more, and $name1 came, hard, for it had been a very intense orgasm that made $name1 collapse with her tongue out like a very thirsty dog on a summer afternoon.

Collapsing on top of her, they stayed on top of each other kissing, caressing each other.

Enjoying the moment, one that neither of them knew if it would happen again, but $name1 had now discovered she liked yoga…

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