Hotel Room Service

$name1 is away with work, and spending a night in a hotel, alone. Bored and struggling to entertain herself, she decides to order room service hoping to get more than a tasty snack…

One of the disadvantages of having a job where so much travel was required was spending the nights all alone in a hotel.

$name1, who was bored in her hotel room, she ordered room service, and at least she could entertain herself by eating.

She picked up the phone and placed the order. Five minutes later, there was a knock at the door. The moment she opened the door, $name1 was dazzled to see that the waiter, was very handsome and flirtatious.

She had just enough time to catch a glimpse of him before he put the food down and left. $name1 was disappointed, for he had not stayed long. He sure was an attractive man.

It had been worth ordering room service just for that. $name1 knew that this had been her chance to get out of the tedium in which she was mired. Hours passed, and $name1’s situation hadn’t changed.

She had to do something. She had an idea and went to the bathroom, she changed her clothes.

Sensual lingerie would be part of her attire from that point on. $name1 put on a matching lace bra with a black thong then completed the look with a bathrobe. Would that be enough? Of course, it would.

She then ordered room service once more in the hope that they would send the same waiter. And so it was, she heard his voice on the phone. Even the waiter’s voice was sensual. $name1 shuddered, and asked him:

“Oh, I want dessert…” She said in a mischievous voice, emphasizing the word “dessert.”

$name1 must have waited, that time, a little over five minutes, $name1 was getting impatient. She sat, she lay, until finally there was a knock at the door. $name1 went to open it quickly, and the waiter was met by a half-naked woman, she had her bathrobe open.

The waiter, in those moments, had no choice but to look at her, for she was a truly stunning woman. $name1 was bending over to put the dessert on a table, and her ass was in the air.

It was impossible for the waiter not to look at her, $name1’s tits almost popped out of her black lace bra. She was moving and talking to him getting closer and closer.

After a while, she couldn’t take it anymore, for the waiter was attractive, and bridged the distance that separated them for good. The first thing he did was to touch $name1’s breasts, for they were huge provocative watermelons.

$name1 kissed him hotly, pressing herself closer to him, pressing her body against that sexy waiter.

The scent the waiter gave off was sweet, $name1 wanted to bite him, but restrained herself. The kissing became intense, so much so, that they embraced rapturously, squeezing each other hard enough to break their bones. The waiter squeezed $name1’s large breasts.

It wasn’t too hard to get them out of the bra, and the waiter did so, taking the nipples into his mouth, and dipping his face then between those giant tits.

The waiter delighted in this unexpected invitation, and taking full advantage of his opportunity, he sucked and licked like a lunatic, while $name1 let out moans of pleasure.

Very soft ones, which indicated how she was becoming irreversibly aroused. $name1 particularly enjoyed his tongue on her breasts.

They approached the bed, where they fell sprawled across it, until the waiter was on top of $name1, tantalizing her crotch with one hand, rubbing over the thong, getting $name1 to proliferate some moans, which came out of her mouth softly.

He got $name1’s little button, and tired of doing it on top of the thong, he removed it, and found that $name1 was very wet, so he inserted two fingers at once, while he continued sucking on her sensitive nipples.

$name1 was spreading her legs wider and wider, until he wanted to penetrate her, which meant he would have to pull out of those huge breasts. While she was very aroused, she missed that tongue on them.

The waiter turned her on her side, and grabbed her by the neck for support, as he penetrated her in that intimate position, $name1 felt desired. Her pussy squirted all over the waiter’s cock.

She had not had the opportunity to see it, but as he penetrated her, she noticed that it was perhaps a very large cock.

The waiter rammed her a couple of times in a row with shocking power. $name1 screamed, but he had stopped before continuing to fuck her, this time for several continuous minutes without stopping until she bellowed with delight.

It was definitely a big cock. $name1 felt very full. The waiter did not skimp on the speed with which he rammed her. $name1 at first just moaned, but not long after, she had screamed and vociferated with power.

The waiter turned her around leaving her with her back completely to him, $name1 lifted her luscious ass, but in the process, she turned her head and saw the waiter’s huge member.

She wondered how he could house that inside her, however, once again she was being ridden by a very well endowed man who also moved very expertly.

$name1 howled with pleasure, her cries heard in neighboring rooms. The waiter did not hesitate in his purpose to overwhelm her with everything.

$name1 underneath him was also moving, her ass bouncing on the waiter’s body. He assaulted her briskly and pushed his entire cock deep into $name1’s cave.

Once again, he turned her around and this time, they were facing each other. He placed her legs on his shoulders, and $name1 did not lose any detail of how that cock was going into her pussy little by little.

It had gone halfway in, and she could feel that it had reached her uterus. She, impressed, opened her eyes wide, but the waiter was already assaulting her viciously.

While it was infinite pleasure, there was a percentage of pain. The waiter pumped like a maniac, and his pelvis impacted $name1’s clitoris for a combination unsurpassed and filled with an apotheosis of pleasure.

The waiter set out to hit her with more violence. That was what she had wanted all along. The waiter had no control, and was ramming $name1 too hard, and in that position, his cock had much more reach.

For $name1 it was quite a challenge she was about to overcome. She started babbling things that the waiter didn’t understand, but he guessed it was that she was about to come.

Indeed, it was that $name1 was already about to have an orgasm that made her bellow as if someone was hurting her. The waiter, far from slowing down his thrusts, increased them, fucking her until she writhed under him as she came very hard.

The waiter felt the spasms of $name1’s pussy suck his cock. He would not stand another minute.

He came copiously inside her. He rammed into her a couple more times before pulling out, and falling down beside $name1. The waiter gasped, and saw $name1.

They were both very sweaty, and breathing heavily. Now $name1 could sleep peacefully, and the waiter could get back to work.

She pushed hard, and some of the semen inside her came out. The waiter watched the scene with fascination. The dessert she had asked for was on the table, but he had brought her an additional one.

A creampie dessert…

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