Naughty Lights Out With Emma

Emma is a tenant in your building and lives across the hall. One night the power goes out and you hear a knock at the door. Edit the character name to be in the story with Emma.

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It was a quiet night, which didn’t seem to hold any surprises. Emma, a slim blonde with huge breasts, was in her apartment with nothing to do. Yet she had chosen just that, to have her evening unfold that way.

Suddenly, the electricity in the apartment went out.

Everything went dark.

Emma, startled, looked out the window to the street, and astonished, found that it wasn’t just her apartment. The darkness came abruptly. Emma, alarmed, ran to dress more appropriately.

She was a little afraid to stand there alone in the dark. Helping herself with the flashlight on her phone, she managed to put on some clothes and left the place.

The idea was to go to the apartment of her neighbor, $name1. A very handsome guy who had recently moved into that building. She hoped with all her heart that $name1 would be home. So she picked up a bottle of wine, and headed for his door.

She wasn’t going to spend the whole night in the dark, all alone and a little scared. Emma arrived at $name1’s apartment, and he came right out. Emma was relieved.

“Oh, my goodness. What was that?” Emma asked.

“I’ve already checked, and they said they’re about to fix it. Would you like to come in? I have some wine if you feel like it…” $name1 offered Emma.

Seeing as there was nothing else to do, Emma accepted, she would sit with $name1 on the couch, and of course, she was willing to chat and drink wine with him. It wasn’t a bad plan either.

They were completely in the dark until $name1 flicked the switch on a solar-powered camping lamp.

So they sat, chatting and drinking wine… The latter in greater quantities as the night wore on.

They were feeling invigorated by the wine, and the flirting became intense. Emma’s laughter could be heard throughout the building. She no longer remembered that the lights had gone out.

$name1 was looking at her provocatively, and Emma was enjoying this. $name1 was an attractive boy. Emma felt herself getting more and more aroused.

They were drinking wine four-handed, not caring about anything else. Emma felt the wine lowering her inhibitions, and she began to notice $name1 staring at her chest.

Feeling the wine and $name1’s lustful eyes, Emma began to take off her blouse…

He had just been watching her dance, and frolic sensually, but things were getting so hot, $name1 wouldn’t stay still much longer. The movements Emma was describing with her body were wonderful in provoking a very powerful arousal in $name1.

Emma took off her blouse and tossed it to $name1.

$name1 pulled out his cock, which had already reached its peak. Emma had not yet picked up on this, but soon she did, and her nipples became very hard.

She continued to grope herself more insistently, but this lasted only a few minutes. Emma got off the little table and went to join $name1 on the couch. He, cock in hand, was already slowly masturbating, while Emma, blouse off, finished undressing.

The blouse was followed by the shorts she had decided to wear, which she removed as she rubbed and wiggled on the couch until they were at her ankles. She then kicked and the shorts went far away from the first garment.

The situation was getting out of control. $name1 clutched his cock tighter as he watched Emma in her underwear, frolicking on the couch, putting on her little show.

After a while, Emma likewise removed her bra, leaving her two large breasts exposed.

She cupped them, and pinched her own nipples, moaning a little at the pleasure it brought her. $name1 wiggled his cock, and moved closer to her, touching one of her breasts, which was free of Emma’s own. $name1 got over excited and squeezed her tit powerfully.

Emma laughed, but the truth was that she was very aroused. $name1 moved his body further into her, never ceasing to masturbate, in the meantime Emma moved energetically, threatening to take off her panties to keep her bra company.

Emma’s clothes had disappeared amid the chaos, she was rubbing her pussy over her panties, she had decided to leave them on, for now…

$name1 wanted to touch her all over, penetrate her, kiss her, and lick her nipples, those tits were huge and made $name1’s mouth water, but Emma was just playing.

“Come on, get closer.” She was saying in a very suggestive voice.

Without waiting, $name1 bridged the gap even more, and he was already close enough to her that he could suck on one of her nipples, he leaned in, but she stopped him in laughter.

He smiled, but he had been left with such a desire… Emma was getting what she wanted, and that was to play with $name1. He was a quiet boy, and he was content to just watch her move, while he masturbated already on top of her practically.

Emma touched his penis, and he wiggled on the couch. She had touched $name1’s glans, but that was all.

Emma stirred on the couch, rubbing her parts, and her whole body, while $name1 just watched and masturbated harder, making Emma understand, that he was very aroused and wanted her.

$name1’s moment had come, he touched her, and she felt a dramatic rise in her adrenaline. His body responded to this stimulation, and he masturbated faster, as he felt Emma’s skin on his cock.

Emma was bouncing her large breasts to $name1’s direct delight.

No doubt $name1 couldn’t take much more of this. Emma was so turned on, she let $name1 squeeze her breasts once more as he masturbated briskly. That had been the perfect incitement, $name1 watching her dance on the couch, but also touching her as far as she would let him.

Besides, his cock was rubbing her and Emma’s skin was so soft, the pleasure $name1 was experiencing was unprecedented. $name1 began to moan, and Emma felt her pussy releasing juices, but nothing more would happen, she liked the game.

$name1 felt his orgasm was imminent. His body shook, and he squeezed Emma’s other breast, she withdrew her hand, but the sensation had stayed with him. She would let him touch her, and the next second she would not.

Finally, $name1 came, and the semen landed on Emma’s skin. She thought that if $name1 got to touch her pussy in those moments, she would come too. $name1 made some noise, his grunts were low but audible.

Just at those moments, the electrical power came back on. They were startled. Emma was half-naked, but it was all over now.

The blackout, all things considered, wasn’t that bad, and Emma went back to her apartment, thinking maybe the next one would be better…

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