Late Night Office Masturbation

Working late one night in the office, [name]’s boredom takes over, and as she rifles through the latest batch of company-branded merchandise that had been sent to her, [name] finds an alternative use for one of the items…

$name1 leaned back on her chair, craning her neck from side to side. A groan escaped her throat as she felt the tired, tense muscles around her spine stretch and unclench.

The thought of the mountain of paperwork she still had to deal with before logging off made her close her eyes in consternation for a moment, then glance hopelessly at the clock on the bottom right of her computer screen. 12:01 AM, what a way to greet a new day, she thought.

Her phone lit up, likely another message from her neglected boyfriend. She desperately needed a break, but guilt kept her rooted to the chair.

On the corner of her desk sat a small basket, covered in clear cellophane through which $name1 could see a smattering of vaguely useful, cheap junk.

Her phone vibrated, but she pulled the basket closer instead of answering. The crackling sound of the wrapping being undone nicely covered the insistent ringing.

“Oh, nice.” She said to herself, pulling out a sturdy travel mug, a pack of colored pens, a hard-cover notepad, and a cylindrical, travel toothbrush holder from the basket.

All the items were much higher quality than she had assumed, which made her glance at the card.

From David Miller, thank you so much, $name1.

She didn’t have to think much to remember this particular client. Tall, handsome, and obscenely rich, he had been one of those clients that made her panties wet with more than the excitement of a great sell. Picking up the toothbrush holder, with its unnecessary rubber cover and smart design, $name1 could appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into the gift.

All of these were simple items, ones she could accept with no concern towards impropriety, but the way Mr. Miller clearly remembered a passing comment she made about her travel mug collection made the earnestness behind it clear.

The thing she remembered most about him was his size. Tall and muscular. $name1 loved being dwarfed by a guy, deeply enjoyed the feeling of femininity and vulnerability it gave her. Broad hands that could break and bruise, but caressed her instead.

The particular scent only masculine men seemed to give off. A large, hard cock to split her open like no others could. Boredom must have addled her mind, because $name1 sat in her office, an insistent throbbing between her legs as she held onto a fancy toothbrush holder.

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, then her brain assaulted her with a sudden thought.

“I really need to get laid…” She whispered to herself, eyeing the cylindrical object in her hand, thumb moving back and forth over the ribbed surface.

This can fit inside me, her unhelpful mind volunteered yet again. It was bigger than one would have thought, and $name1 found out why when she pulled it open.

It had two compartments for different brushes, for a couple traveling together. But, indeed, she desperately needed to get laid. Work had taken over her life for the past few weeks, making it difficult to have the time or the mindset for sex. Except, apparently, while at work pulling what would likely be an all-nighter.

Feeling dirty in a way that only made more slick pool in her underwear, $name1 leaned her hips forward, parted her legs, and rubbed the unyielding surface of the holder over her moist panties.

It felt incredible against her poor, trapped clitoris, and the threat of actually going through with her shameful thoughts and pushing the object inside of her made her hotter than she remembered getting this year.

The building was empty, there were no cameras in her office. But, if she were honest, the public aspect of it was extremely arousing as well. She was sure all she would be thinking about the next day would be this.

Whimpering, she pressed harder against her clit. Her heart was pounding as she slipped the rounded tip of the holder under her underwear, pushing it aside, then wiggled to get the slip of cloth down her legs for better access.

When she touched the unwashed, makeshift-sex-toy on her bare, creamy pussy, arousal shot straight to her brain, making her forget everything else for a moment.

“Ohh, fuck.” $name1 cursed, hips twitching as she teased herself with the toothbrush holder by pressing it against her entrance.

One hand held onto the desk in a white-knuckled grip. Already fevered with excitement, $name1 wondered in Mr. Miller chose the items himself. If he handled with his bare hands the very object she was now slowly pushing inside her pussy.

Despite how wet and slick she was, the sitting position and the hard surface of the holder made the penetration painful, her muscles being forced to stretch out of the way unnaturally. $name1 bit her lip and did her best to not groan loudly, as the twinge of discomfort only added to the experience.

Pushing it in a little over half its length, she felt it hit bottom. Squirming, $name1 held it in like that for a moment, enjoying the fulness and the sensation of being worked open. The drag as she pulled the object out was decadent.

The holder wasn’t meant to go inside anyone’s body. It had ridges that would be impossible to clean in a real vibrator, the shape was almost completely unyielding with exception of its rubbery cover, and was also just a little too big for her.

She bit the meaty part of her left hand to muffle her whimpers. $name1 fucked herself increasingly hard and deep, using Mr. Miller’s thoughtful gift. As her pussy adjusted, the fit slowly became comfortable, and she could work more of the object inside before it reached her cervix.

Her legs open wide under the desk. But she knew that as good as it felt, it wasn’t stimulation enough. Putting a knee over the chair’s arm, she spread her legs obscenely, changing the angle of penetration to something that hit just right.

Her clit throbbed, neglected. $name1 sped up her ministrations, helpless moans escaping despite her best efforts. She would feel this after, soreness was already forming even as she continued to thrust.

Giving up on being quiet, $name1 slipped a hand between her legs to flick and rub at her exposed clitoris. The need to come was everything she could think about, nothing else mattered.

Barely a touch on her hard clit was needed. $name1’s core clenched down hard on the foreign object inside of it, her orgasm starting deep in her pelvis and working its way down her legs and up her spine, a series of trembling, strong contractions that released more dopamine in her blood than they had any right to.

She had weaker orgasms being pounded into a mattress by guys who were her exact type.

“Yes, yes!” She had always been loud when she came. This was no different. She moaned and squirmed. Her thrusting didn’t abate, hard and deep, stretching the euphory for as long as she could.

Breathless, $name1 leaned back on the chair, looked at the ceiling. The toothbrush holder was still shoved inside of her, but she allowed the muscles in her core to push it out.

It clattered on the floor. She closed her eyes, satisfied, her whole body going lax.


Author: Alice

Alice is one of the founding authors of, and enjoys a variety of erotic kinks from cuckolding and voyeurism, to oral fixations and fantasy genres.

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