Cuckold Husband Watching On

Name2♂ has always wanted to watch his wife, Name1♀, fuck another man in front of him… After weeks of talking about it, he bucks up the courage to arrange it for Friday night…

$name2 came home that evening with a big smile on his face and $name1, his wife instantly knew that something was up.

What’s got you smiling that hard?

$name1 asked.

Do you know how we always talked about you fucking another man in my presence as I watch?

$name2 asked $name1.

I remember and as I recall, you were too jealous to see it through!

$name1 replied mocking him.

That was then, but I’ve become accustomed to the idea and I think it’s fucking hot.

$name2 replied.

So, what are you going to do about it?

$name1 teased her husband.

Well, I know the perfect guy for the role and while I know that you are curious, you’ll just have to wait until Friday to meet him.

$name2 said to $name1 and he wouldn’t budge when $name1 badgered him to reveal more.

The anticipation and curiosity was driving her crazy, and she couldn’t wait for Friday to come quickly enough.

Days quickly passed and when Friday rolled by, $name1 was ready to get the party started. She shaved and picked out her nicest lingerie set then put it on and waited by the door for her husband and their mystery guest to arrive. Her husband got home first and twenty minutes later, the doorbell rang and standing outside was a very handsome, large muscular man.

Hi? Welcome.

$name1 squeaked as she stepped aside to let the guy in. He was one of the manliest men she had ever seen, with bulging muscles that she was itching to trail her hands all over him.

Hi, I’m $name1.

She added now feeling giddy with excitement.

I’m Dave and it’s nice to meet you.

Dave said with his deep sexy voice that sent shivers down $name1’s body. She had to really give it to her husband for having a good taste and while she was nervous, all she wanted to do was climb all over the guy and do wicked things to him.

The guy leaned down and pecked her right cheek and as he went for the other cheek, $name1 surprised him by angling her head and capturing his lips in a hot kiss that he quickly responded to when he got over the surprise.

They kissed each other fiercely, sucking each other’s lips while using their tongues to explore their mouths until they parted while panting breathlessly.

Welcome to our home Dave.

$name1 said breathlessly.

Wow. I have never received such a warm welcome before.

Dave said as he caressed $name1’s flushed face.


$name1 cooed seductively as her hand moved lower to Dave’s bulging crotch and she gently caressed it while gazing into the man’s eyes until he was groaning helplessly.


He pleaded with a harsh voice and $name1 began unbuckling his belt and lowering his pants right there on the hallway then got on her knees and wrapped her hand around his huge erect cock that was beading with his pre-cum.

It’s so fucking huge. My husband will be so jealous.

$name1 purred.

She then opened her mouth, took the tip of Dave’s cock in her mouth and started sucking it softly.

Aah.. yes…

Dave moaned helplessly.

Do you like it?

$name1 teased him then took his cock in her mouth taking more and more inches in her throat until the whole length disappeared inside while she choked and gagged in reaction.

Fuck yes… this feels so good.

Dave moaned as $name1’s throat muscles flexed around his manhood driving him crazy and when she began bobbing her head back and forth as she sucked him off, the poor guy went ballistic, shouting in a hoarse cry as he neared the end.

Please, don’t stop, please. I need to cum, please.

He pleaded as he grabbed $name1’s hair and yanked it hard.

She responded by going faster until the guy’s body started quivering as he reached climax. His huge body thundered and shook violently while his cock that was buried inside $name1’s mouth, jerked before spilling loads of cum down her throat and she swallowed every drop of it until his balls emptied.

My husband is waiting in the living room. Come on Dave.

$name1 said as soon as she stood up then led the way to their living room where her husband occupied one couch. She sat down on the one opposite it then beckoned Dave who joined $name1 before she issued her next command.

Undress me then fuck me senseless until my husband cannot bear it any longer.

$name1 ordered Dave whose cock rose instantly. He didn’t have to be told twice; he practically ripped the lingerie off her body then lay her body on the couch.

He quickly stripped his clothes off then mounted $name1 with her husband watching. They were both so horny and without any foreplay, he pushed his huge cock in $name1’s cunt slamming all of his inches inside then pulled out briefly and buried his cock in $name1’s silky wet and warm flesh once again.

It felt glorious and they were both moaning and panting shamelessly as Dave fucked $name1 who raised her pelvis and met his efforts halfway.

Oh God yes! Fuck me hard please.. yes.. yes.. fuck me good.

$name1 screamed non-stop and shamelessly as she greedily received Dave’s deep strokes. She felt so good and the fact that her husband was watching made it even hotter.

Dave kept going, driving her crazy by fucking her faster and faster until she lost it, unable to take the sweet torture any longer and she came spectacularly, shaking violently as her pussy clamped around Dave’s cock tightly making him go crazy until he too joined her in climaxing.

His body shook with his cock blasting thick ropes of cum in her cunt until there wasn’t any more to give.


Author: Maria

Maria is an amateur erotic author, having written shorts on other sex story websites in the past. With an interest in taboo and fantasy, Maria likes to focus on the kinky side of sex, and combines it with the potential sensuality of sex.

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