Miss Kara’s Memoirs, Dancefloor Sluts

The first in a series of Mistress Kara’s memoirs. A naughty stranger fuck on the dancefloor with two best friends, and a helpless boyfriend looking on.

  • The girlfriend: $name1
  • The boyfriend: $name2
  • The female friend: $name3

In the car right next to hers, there was a couple who, without caring about anything or anyone, were kissing and caressing each other in front of the sight of several people waiting in the traffic jam.

Mistress Kara smiled, and she turned her head. Suddenly a memory came to Mistress Kara’s mind, she hadn’t thought about it in a while, and she was surprised to think about it.

Since she would be there for a while, Mistress Kara let the memory take over her mind.

In the memory, she had $name1 and her partner $name2 on a night out with her friend’s partner, $name3. Mistress Kara remembered $name3 as she was at that moment. A beautiful girl dancing with $name1 on the dance floor.

That made Mistress Kara smile.

$name1 and $name3 were dancing sensually very close to each other, close enough for their breasts to brush against each other.

Their hips collided from time to time. $name3 took the opportunity to rub her pussy partially against $name1’s leg.

$name3 felt an erotic charge, which far from disappearing increased with each sensual movement of $name1.

The dance was attracting attention, $name1 leaned over and kissed $name3 on the lips, and they both turned their heads to find out the audience’s reaction to that kiss, and both $name1 and $name3 noticed that in particular, three very handsome boys were watching them intently.

$name3 felt her body heat burning her as if someone had lit a bonfire inside her. $name1 noticed that her dance partner was moving more furiously than before, and she too became elated with the moves $name3 was making.

The three boys watching $name1 and $name3 did not take their eyes off them. $name2 saw this, Mistress Kara remembered it perfectly, and $name2 perhaps suspected what the girls were thinking, for $name1 and $name3 were smiling when the boys saw them and they were kissing and bouncing their breasts.

Inside the car, Mistress Kara smiled again. She couldn’t deny that her mind had transported her to an erotic moment, which for some reason she had retained in her memory.

$name1 cupped one of $name3’s breasts and then embraced her as they danced with their bodies touching and warming each other as they let themselves be swept up in the exhilaration of being so close.

The boys kept their eyes on her, and $name1 saw them get up to tackle them. It was more than obvious that this was what it was all about, $name2 knew as well as they did.

“Here they come.” $name1 whispered to $name3, and the questioned girl’s eyes caught fire. $name2 from where he stood could see $name1’s lips twitch as she said this.

$name3 smiled exposing a row of teeth. $name2 was sure that things would get to the next level, that they would follow everything elsewhere, and Mistress Kara thought she knew exactly what he would do.

$name2 watched the five of them talking on the dance floor until then watching them disappear. $name2 wasn’t clear on what they would do, but he had a rough idea. $name2 left Mistress Kara there as he followed the girls.

Mistress Kara would find out about everything later, and she was not in error. $name2 soon realized that $name1 and $name3 weren’t planning on going with all those kids together.

$name2 walked into the club in time to see that $name1 was planning to go with two of them and $name3 was disappearing with the third. $name2 stood there somewhat hesitantly before deciding to follow $name1. She was laughing uproariously.

$name1 was in the middle of the boys. Each of $name1’s arms was around their necks. The boy on the left tensed one of $name1’s breasts as if examining it. $name2 followed, leaving $name3 to disappear on her own.

It seemed like hours since $name1 and $name3 left the dance floor to go with those guys. $name1 wandered into a VIP booth with two of those guys, and their $name2 drew the line.

$name2 didn’t go in but stood there just outside watching what was going on inside. $name1 was making out with one of the guys, while the other was groping $name1’s ass.

The kisses were wet, $name1 would stick her tongue out and push it all the way down the throat of the boy she was kissing, while the other kept touching her ass and then stuck a finger between $name1’s buttocks.

She turned her head and adopted a smile as she watched the boy play at his whim with her ass. $name2 made a move to get in but ultimately thought better of it by staying where he was.

Between the two of them, they removed the tiny red dress that displayed $name1’s sensual body. The boys pulled it off over her head. $name1 didn’t object, and they kissed her on every inch of skin they had the joy of meeting.

The boy who kissed her earlier, removed $name1’s bra and kneaded her tits, the other to $name1’s right thrust a finger into her pussy, and massaged eagerly.

$name2 could see $name1’s juices reflecting off the boy’s fingers. He put his fingers in his mouth and then continued to masturbate $name1 as if it were business as usual.

Immediately $name2 wondered how $name3 was doing with the third of the boys.

They pushed $name1 to the floor until she had to kneel down. One stuck his fingers in $name1’s mouth, and the one behind $name1 pulled her by her hair and spit in $name1’s mouth, then he stuck his fingers in as his partner did before pulling his cock out and brandishing it in front of $name1’s face.

Outside, $name2 wasn’t missing any of what was going on. Both cocks were now in front of $name1. She took one and waggled it, $name1 took the other and brought it up to her mouth.

$name1’s head was bobbing as intensely as her hand was and the men were slapping at her yelling things at her, endlessly grabbing and smacking $name1’s breasts.

By now, $name1’s makeup was smeared with tears streaming down her cheeks and $name1 was totally naked getting her breasts slapped and being choked with a cock that was embedded in $name1’s throat as if it could never surface again.

$name1 made a switch, and $name2 watched as $name1 pulled one cock out, placed it in her hand, and inserted the second cock into her mouth to suck it until the man who owned said cock decided to. All that before covering $name1’s face completely.

He grabbed $name1 and like a doll, $name1’s face was fucked, he covered $name1’s face with his pelvis, she still wouldn’t let go of the other member, as hard as it might seem to believe.

$name2 watched this with his eyes out of their sockets. The boy was ramming $name1’s face without giving her a chance to breathe. $name1’s tears came out with more emphasis wetting her face.

The makeup $name1 had had was now a thing of the past. $name1 continued to wiggle the second boy’s cock, while the first fucked $name1’s face with malice aforethought.

$name2 thought she might choke at any moment, and he wasn’t wrong. $name1 pushed the man away to cough, but he went back to fucking $name1’s face with a very clear goal in mind.

The violence with which $name1’s face was being fucked surprised $name2, who couldn’t move from where he was to investigate what $name3 was doing, more out of curiosity than anything else. $name2 didn’t move and watched as the second boy tired of $name1’s hand and went for something more forceful.

He put a hand on $name1’s back so that she leaned forward. Since $name1 was naked, he could use her holes as his partner fucked $name1’s face with wild impetus.

He penetrated $name1’s pussy, and she got even more of the first boy’s cock down her throat, $name1’s face turned red, but the boy fucking her didn’t mind in the least, far from that he rammed her even harder, making things even easier for his partner.

$name1 couldn’t scream, but she could make sucking noises, and throaty moans that made it clear what $name1 was feeling.

After the display of violence they were making $name2 watch, $name1 cum, $name2 could see it, and he knew he had to leave soon. The boys let the cum drip down $name1’s teary face, and $name1 just closed her eyes.

Minutes later $name1 was trying to adjust her dress and disguise the smeared makeup. $name2 was out of there, in time to see $name3 leaving with the third boy.

Back in the car, returning from that trip down memory lane, Mistress Kara noticed the cars moving, it was time to keep driving, it was time to leave…

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