Older Couple Embraces Student MFF

$name1 is a student enjoying a drink at the bar, when she’s approached by $name2, and her husband $name3. After buying her a drink and some shameless flirting, they convince the younger $name1 to join them in the bedroom…

An ordinary student, $name1 was that student; she was a petite girl, with small breasts, but with a beautiful face.

$name1 had started college with great energy, it had already been a month, and still she was not used to the big change, her family and friends far away were for her a reason for depression.

However, it was not an option for her to return home. There she had made friends, a few at least. And that was enough to keep her going from day to day. On weekends, she liked to go out, alone or accompanied to some student hangout, a bar or someone’s house.

That weekend, many of $name1’s new friends left to visit their families.

$name1 was left alone, as she had to catch up on her studies. Despite feeling a little discouraged, she found a way to study hard that particular weekend, starting her work on Friday.

She worked very hard, so by Saturday night, the amount of work had slowed down enough to allow her to go out on her own, and there was nothing wrong with that. A drink or two would do $name1 good to try to relax after all that studying.

With her dress light, and her hair down, she left the dorm to go to the nearest, and the quietest bar, where she a college girl, could have a drink or two without being disturbed.

Besides, $name1 knew that the guys who usually sought her out were out of town. There was no need to dress up much. It was a quiet night, and she would enjoy it.

The bar was very close; it was enough for $name1 to walk. She did, the night breeze was good for her in those moments. It was kind of invigorating. $name1 walked into the bar, and found that there weren’t many people, at the bar was a middle-aged couple.

Maybe they were in their forties, $name1 thought, and she sat down at the bar, leaving an empty seat in between. As she sat down, the woman and the man looked at her, the woman smiled, and the man looked at $name1’s breasts.

“Good evening.” $name1 said before sitting down, and waiting for the bartender to wait on her.

They answered her, not taking their eyes off her. That couple was starting to make her nervous. $name1 wanted to, and looked around for a table, but changed her mind.

She didn’t want to be alone at a table. $name1 sat there with a drink in her hand, it was one of her favorite drinks, as she bobbed her head to the music playing in the background.

The bartender would ask her every now and then if she was okay, if she wanted another drink. $name1 would shake her head or she would nod in approval.

The couple an inch away would talk to each other, and every once in a while, they would give $name1 a full body glance.

“All right, girl?” Asked $name1 the Bartender. $name1 nodded silently, and then heard a voice.

“Next one’s on us.” $name1 turned her head at once, and saw the man standing with his wife.

Instantly, $name1 squinted, and she paid closer attention. What had the man said? Soon he repeated the words again, and this time there was no confusion.

$name1 weighed her alternatives. She could refuse the drink, continue to stand there having other drinks on her own, or she could accept and have a conversation, even if it was with these strangers. $name1 smiled, and said politely.

“No, thanks. I’m fine.” And she adopted a smile.

“Come on, it’s just a drink and we can keep each other company, can’t we, $name2?” $name1 assumed $name2 was the woman next to her.

So as not to make them feel bad, $name1 sat down in the empty seat next to them. The same seat she had left in the middle when she arrived. She replied that if he would accept that drink from her and then go to the bedroom, she claimed to be a little tired.

“So you’re a college student…” The woman named $name2’s eyes sparkled as she said that, or was it an effect of the light? $name1 wasn’t entirely sure.

“By the way, I’m $name3, this is my wife $name2. It’s a pleasure…” The man began to say.

“My name is $name1, some manners of mine.” $name1 replied, smacking her forehead.

The conversation took off from that point, where the drinks just kept flowing, and $name1 felt like she was having a great time.

The married couple was really interesting, and they were giving $name1 facts about the city they were in, which was completely new to $name1, and also about the university.

$name2 had attended that college, and then she had met $name3. It had been instant love, and they had now been married for ten years or more as far as $name1 could hear. $name3 wouldn’t stop, and was constantly looking at $name1’s small breasts.

She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her nipples were visible. $name1 also noticed $name2, also looking at her and then exchanging glances with her husband. $name1 was not uncomfortable at this, and that part scared her a little.

$name3 was a very handsome, well-preserved man with obvious vitality. His wife, $name2, was beautiful if somewhat plump with very large breasts, quite the opposite of $name1.

The three of them were getting along very well. $name1 was laughing, not just smiling, but laughing loudly at $name3’s jokes. $name2 perhaps used to this, just smiled, and watched $name1’s reaction.

“What do you say, girls, if we go home? We’ll be better off there, and we’ll definitely have something better to drink.” $name3 proposed, looking at his half-drunk glass. The bartender made a dismissive gesture.

“Fine by me. How about you, $name1?” $name2 asked her.

What to do? $name1 hadn’t made up her mind, but if there was one thing she knew, it was that she didn’t want to go back to the bedroom. That couple really liked her; especially $name1 had fallen for $name3, that handsome face.

She ended up accepting the invitation, and they couldn’t hide their delight. They went in $name3’s car, where $name1 took the back seat feeling a little nervous, more than once she felt the need to tell $name3 to go back and leave her in the bedroom, but he didn’t.

She wiggled her legs, she looked at him, she looked at his face, she looked at his face, she looked at his face, and she looked at his face. She wiggled her legs, she looked out the car window, and they drove into a housing development that left $name1 impressed.

The couple’s house was beautiful, and they walked in one after the other, leaving $name1 trailing behind. $name2 motioned for $name1 to go ahead, and so she did. $name1 found herself in a tastefully decorated living room. She guessed it had been $name2’s doing.

“Let’s move into my study, there’s better furniture there.” $name3 said.

And so it was, very plush armchairs stretched across the room, some sofas in front of entire shelves of books. $name2 clarified that they used to read lying down.

This amused $name1. Once there, they sat in one of those very comfortable armchairs, and the drinks were present once again. $name2 put one of her hands on $name1’s leg, and she tried to pull away, but the contact was so gentle, it had pleased her.

$name3 was sitting across from them, and he was holding his drink with a cigarette in his other hand. $name2 moved closer, and this time she whispered to $name1 that she was very beautiful. $name1 succumbed, and let herself be kissed by that woman.

The drinks in $name1’s system were largely commanding her actions, and $name1 let $name2’s tongue delve into her mouth, $name1 moaned as $name2 slipped a hand down her dress, and reached for the soft button $name1 kept between her legs, $name2 squeezed it above her panties, and $name3 watched all this satisfied and pleased.

He just sat there and didn’t participate, his wife was saying things to $name1 masturbating her over her clothes, and $name1 was lost. She squinted, and she almost rolled her eyes together. $name2 wasn’t going to stop, $name1 was clear on that.

What was more, $name2 removed $name1’s panties passing them to $name3, who sniffed them, ran his tongue over them, and set them aside, as $name1 spread her legs, willing $name2 to speed up the movement of her fingers.

$name1 sank down on the bushy couch, and her pussy was soaked with her fluids, ready and prepared for everything else.

$name2 seeing that $name1 was enjoying something she was doing, without further ado, she too became wet. Her husband was watching, but he was not participating.

$name1 lifted her pelvis and wanted $name2 to give her an orgasm, she was ready, she wanted it, however, $name2 stopped to undress her completely, $name1’s wet lips let out a whisper that sounded something like, “Please…” $name2 smiled mischievously, and launched herself at $name1, as she masturbated her she sucked on her nipples; $name1 moaned and begged for more and more.

$name2 was desperate for a hand in her cave, she was dripping juices and $name3 was still immovable. $name1 could see that, but it didn’t matter to her, for she was very aroused and her own desperation was more urgent.

Finally, $name3 got up and went to take $name1’s remaining free breast into his mouth. $name1 thought she would pass out from the pleasure.

$name3 sucked and in view of the fact that $name1’s breasts were so small, the entire breast remained in $name3’s mouth, and his wife masturbated $name1 more furiously.

During the second $name1 opened her eyes; she could observe that $name3’s bulge took up all the space in his pants. She got a very close idea of the size of his tool.

$name2 screamed as he came and $name2’s hand was flooded with his fluids.

$name1 shook her legs, which were like jelly. $name2 sat up and removed her own clothes as quickly as she could, while her husband did the same. $name2 lost herself between $name2’s legs when she was back; $name2’s pussy was wet to unbelievable levels.

$name1 licked the surface, and then her tongue twisted around $name2’s clit. $name2’s labia minora were quite large, and $name1 licked avidly. She had been left with her hips raised, and $name3 played with $name1’s pussy, as his member grew tighter.

He didn’t penetrate her, but soon he wouldn’t have as much self control, $name1 was devouring $name2’s pussy, and she was now the one moaning and writhing on the comfortable couch.

She would grab $name1’s head, and push in. $name1 had fluids entering her nose and everywhere else. $name3 penetrated $name1 with one finger, and then another before his big cock worked its way into her pussy.

She kept sucking on $name2’s temple, and she was screaming by now, aroused and enjoying $name1’s tongue.

$name3 was delighting in ramming $name1 and driving her forward, so that $name1 stuck her tongue straight into $name2’s pussy.

$name2 screamed, and came holding $name1’s head so that she drank it all in.

Meanwhile, $name3 was still penetrating $name1, but she sat up, and sitting on the couch, she gave $name3 oral sex as best she could because the cock was so big, she licked the cock and then tried to get it all in, however, only part of it fit.

$name2 was tired and lay on the couch next to $name1, who was busy sucking and taking $name3’s cock as deep as she could. $name1’s head was bobbing in every breeze and $name3 was forcing her to swallow more and more inches.

This choked $name1, and he didn’t care. He just wanted that young girl to suck his cock.

He rammed $name1’s face and held her head from behind so his cock would stay there until he knew he had to let go.

As he did, a large amount of cum spurted out of the tip and dribbled down $name1’s small breasts. $name1 licked the cum off her fingers, which she ran over her breasts earlier.

The night had come to an end, and $name3 took $name1 to her bedroom. $name1 arrived exhausted, and she fell asleep within minutes as she touched her pillow…

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