College Ski Trip Becomes Triple Penetration Foursome

$name1 is enjoying her college ski trip to France, when in the dorms her and her classmates decide to drink French Wine and play a game of truth or dare, that leaves petite $name1 at the mercy of three guys…

After much waiting for that trip, it was finally near. A great vacation awaited $name1 at a ski resort in France.

$name1 was a petite girl, with small breasts, and a perky ass. Her face was beautiful, she was a very pretty blonde.

Several boys, $name1’s classmates would go, among them there were only two girls, $name1 and Nancy. The rest were just boys. Some were good looking, but not that good looking. $name1 had a good time with them regardless.

They had only been at the ski resort for two nights, when they decided to have a little get-together in $name1’s dorm. Everyone attended. The evening began with laughter and stories.

$name1 related that she wasn’t very good at skiing, but that she would give it her best shot.

“I’ve seen you today, you’re good.” Replied one of the guys sleeping there with her, Brian.

“Yeah, that’s right.” Seconded the motion another of the guys, Justin. Apparently, her roommates were backing her up.

$name1 hearing them, looked at them in surprise, then shrugged, taking a sip of her French wine, the taste of which was a delicacy. The night wore on, and the boys were getting drunk one by one.

Nancy laughed as if she had never laughed before in her life. Without warning, one of the guys from the other dorms suggested playing truth or dare.

“Come on, are you serious?” Nancy asked with annoyance.

“Why not?” replied Brian.

“Besides, it’s truth or dareโ€ฆ Spicy…” Added the boy who had suggested it. His name was Jamie.

The room erupted in laughter, then that laughter turned to noises of approval.

$name1 had agreed from the start. The round of questions began, and neither girl wanted to answer the questions, so it was their turn to challenge.

“It’s not fair, we’re only two girls.” Nancy protested.

Nancy’s challenge was to give $name1 a little kiss on the lips. She leaned in closer, and stuck her tongue in Nancy’s mouth. The boys cheered her on.

“Well, you can answer the questions.” Jamie said to Nancy as Nancy sulked.

The questions for the girls were perhaps more awkward, the challenges a little more bearable. At least $name1, who was having a great time, thought so.

They’d had several bottles of French wine and tempers were high. The guys were watching $name1 and Nancy more and more intently.

$name1 didn’t mind, she was being watched by her roommates, and she was fine with that. The game had been going on for a while, when $name1 chose dare, and Brian dared her to take off her blouse and her bra.

She looked at him with her mouth open in a gesture of surprise, still she smiled, and took off all her upper body clothes. The boys screamed and Nancy couldn’t believe her eyes.

$name1 was aware that Nancy would never do it. She would not play along. It had turned into a wild night. $name1’s small breasts were exposed, she wasn’t interested in them seeing that her breasts were small.

$name1 stayed topless for the rest of the evening. $name1’s companions were ogling her. Brian got an erection and didn’t do a very good job of hiding it, as $name1 could see clearly.

$name1 covered her mouth to laugh.

The challenges hadn’t stopped, and $name1 wasn’t complaining. She was having fun, not so much Nancy, who was already starting to yawn openly, more purpose than real sleep.

“I’m going to bed.” Nancy announced.

The rest of the guys followed her. They all retired to their respective rooms, except for one of the boys – Jamie. The others were $name1, Brian and Justin, all three of whom slept in the room they were in. Already somewhat inebriated, the three of them approached $name1.

She was still drinking wine, and wasn’t the least bit sleepy. The guys offered $name1 a refill on her glass, and were generally very obliging with her, as they talked about the most trivial topics, some topics didn’t even make sense.

The three of them sat around $name1, and she felt watched.

She still had her breasts in the air. Brian stealthily sat down right next to her, and touched one of her breasts.

$name1 pushed his hand away even though she had not disliked the touch. Brian seeing $name1’s reaction, tried a second time. This time, $name1 did not pull her hand away from Brian and he pinched her nipple.

$name1’s breast was so small that when Brian, feeling more confident, sucked on $name1’s nipple, the whole breast fit in his mouth. She didn’t notice this, and it was too late. $name1 was liking it.

Brian was making more and more progress, the other two guys were doing nothing, giggling under their breath watching Brian gaining ground, and $name1 was enjoying it. Had she not, she would have pulled away, but she could no longer.

Brian’s tongue was giving her too much pleasure. She grabbed his head, and pulled him closer to her breast.

Brian grasped the small free breast and kneaded it. The tit was too small for Brian’s mouth. $name1 was sitting on the floor as Brian groped her, and sucked on her nipples.

The atmosphere was heating up, and the other two boys were not sure what to do, $name1 saw, for she had not forgotten the presence of the other two boys.

Prisoner to the joy she was experiencing, $name1 called out to Justin beckoning him over with one hand. She was wearing very short shorts, and spread her legs wider, Justin had not come, perhaps unsure.

“Justin, come.” $name1 said loudly, and waving her hand in the same way. “Come.” The moment she uttered that word, she spread her legs wider.

Justin at last came, and without much ceremony, rubbed $name1’s pussy over her shorts.

That was what she had intended from the beginning, and Justin not content with that, also kissed her on the labia, sticking his tongue in, as she moaned. Jamie, being the stranger there, got up to leave, however, $name1 called out to him as well.

He joined the whole group to lick $name1’s remaining unattended tit, as Brian was no longer imprisoning her.

$name1 was almost demented with so much delight, two boys on her breasts, one rubbing her pussy. She had her legs stretched out at a painful angle, but she couldn’t pay attention to that with all that was going on.

She rose as best she could at one point, and Brian was the first to come up to her mouth. He wrapped his hands around her, Justin hugging her from behind, and not leaving his position over $name1’s cave. She was on the verge of passing out.

Brian removed the rest of her clothes, and Justin stuck two fingers in her pussy, his fingers moving very fast.

Between the two boys they carried her over to the table where they laid her down.

Brian took off his pants, the other two mimicked him. Already the cocks of the three were ready and prepared, all were appetizing to $name1.

Brian grabbed each of $name1’s legs with each hand and positioned himself in the middle to perform oral sex on her.

Her labia minora opened like a flower, and Brian inserted his tongue. Justin was kissing her, and Jamie had guided one of $name1’s hands to his cock for her to masturbate him.

$name1 stopped moaning, making noises of pleasure, when Justin’s cock was in her mouth, he had stopped kissing her to go straight to putting his cock in $name1’s mouth.

The three of them were circling her, but that time while she was on the table. Justin was moving his hips into $name1’s mouth. She lifted her head so that particular member would pass smoothly through her teeth. In one hand,

$name1 held Jaime’s tool, which was a beastly thing. It was the biggest, and $name1 was masturbating it energetically, while she was receiving oral sex from Brian.

They were all making her explode with satisfaction. $name1 was moaning, making throaty noises that suggested she was having a great time.

Brian decided to penetrate her after giving $name1’s pussy a taste, which was wet, not only with Brian’s saliva, but also with fragrant juices.

Seconds later, Brian penetrated her, and took her legs for support, he moved his hips calmly, slowly. The table still squeaked, and made a lot of noise, they didn’t notice that insignificant detail.

Jaime and Justin switched places, as $name1 was fucked by Brian, who began to give it all. Jaime kissed her, he spit in $name1’s mouth, and then embedded his cock in her mouth so deep that she was very surprised, but no one stopped.

Jaime’s cock was big, so she had a harder time sucking it, yet she didn’t let up at any point.

Minutes later, they switched again. This time, Brian also changed position, by now he had fucked $name1 with great violence, and he was responsible for the table squeaking so outrageously.

$name1 felt that beast inside her and gave a little jump, but she continued to suck Brian’s cock and masturbate Justin. Jamie was ramming her almost angrily, driving his oversized cock deep inside her.

$name1 pulled Brian’s cock out of her mouth to scream and yell as much as she could. Jamie kept penetrating her with great force.

The three of them lowered her off the table to deposit her on the floor. Brian lay on his back.

$name1’s legs were shaking, but she still rode on top of Brian with her back to him, as in the reverse cowgirl position. Brian saw his opportunity right there, and his member slid into $name1’s ass. She screamed; however, she didn’t get up.

On the contrary, she rode Brian screaming and moaning as if asking the other two to join in. Jaime stepped forward, and penetrated her pussy, to the stunned sight of Justin, who was too slow, and had to shove his cock into $name1’s mouth.

She was jumping on top of two cocks.

The guys were moving in lockstep, not missing each other, and not looking like they didn’t know what they were doing. They were all sweating, doing their best; $name1 was thanking them with her soul.

Justin’s cock had gone deep in her throat, she accepted it without complaining, despite that, and she wanted to scream with joy, she wanted to let them know what she was feeling.

Two cocks at once… maybe she thought she couldn’t do it, but she could. She was doing it, and it was the best thing she had ever felt. The boys intensified all their movements.

$name1 had never done such a thing, and she came in spurts, the orgasm was so strong. Jaime pulled out of her pussy, and all the liquid came all over him. Jaime couldn’t have cared less.

She collapsed on Brian’s chest, while Jaime switched with Justin.

The latter took the opportunity to fuck her as hard as he could since he didn’t know if he was going to be able to do it again.

Jaime’s big tool back in $name1’s mouth, she had tears running down her cheeks, Jaime ignored that to fuck her face aggressively.

At some point, which $name1 was almost passed out once again, everyone stopped to carry $name1 down to the floor. She was a very small girl, so she weighed nothing for the guys.

They were wagging their dicks, and she was watching from the floor with her mouth open and her tongue out, when the first shot hit her tongue, it had been Brian.

She swallowed, and it was Jaime’s turn, whose spurt was bigger, she made the effort to swallow it all. Justin also came on her tongue, and she swallowed his as well.

In two days, they would leave for home, in the meantime, Jaime went to his room, and the other three settled into their beds to sleep.

They were all tired but very pleased with how the night had turned out…


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