Lesbian Massage Happy Ending

$name1 has had a tough week at work, and as a treat is rewarding herself by going to the spa, and a massage. During the massage, her masseuse starts to feel $name1 unwind, and leaves her with a happy ending…

Her massage reservation had been scheduled for a few hours after she arrived at the spa.

She had wanted the whole day of relaxation, not just an hour, which was usually the length of the massage. The massage was the main reason for her visit to the spa, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy the other areas of the spa. $name1 went straight to the spa.

$name1 was already wearing her bikini, and noticed that several men were stationed there, and as she settled in, stares besieged her. She ignored them as she settled in.

The stares were getting more and more penetrating, the men could see her nipples almost peeking out, she had no intention of covering herself, or putting on a bikini that would leave more to the imagination.

Some of those men tried to approach her, however, $name1 was not interested. Not at the moment, anyway. She just wanted to be there in her tiny bikini enjoying her well-deserved day off.

She didn’t know how much time was left for her massage and remembered with regret that she had had to turn off her phone so she could disconnect from everything.

She looked around, the men continued to stare at her uninterrupted. Their stares made $name1 feel naked, suddenly she became aroused, and to calm her ardor, she stopped looking at them, but she had to know the time urgently.

Otherwise, she would miss her massage. Before arriving at the spa, she toured all the facilities and other places that were dedicated to her complete recovery for the day.

$name1 had no idea how much time had passed. She had to get up and go ask one of the men seeing her for the time, as she refused to turn on her phone.

Maybe she had been texted a lot, maybe her boss had insisted on calling her. They were many variants, and she just longed for a carefree day.

She sensually walked over to where the hottest guy in the spa stood, he watched her approach, and $name1 saw him swallow thickly and awkwardly sit up.

As she walked, $name1’s tits bounced a little, and her big ass was visible with mind-blowing clarity.

“Hey, what’s up? Sorry to bother you when you’re so relaxed, but could you tell me the time?” $name1 saw the guy stand there speechless for a while, and then he reacted by reaching for his phone.

He gave her the time, $name1 twisted her face. It was still half an hour before she got her massage.

He tried to say something else, but she left him talking to himself and left. He was very disappointed to see her go.

The spa wasn’t so bad, all in all, she wanted her massage. Finally, after she calculated that half an hour had passed, she grabbed her things and went to get her massage.

$name1 was directed to where she was to receive her massage. She still had her bikini on. She figured there was no point in getting dressed if to get her massage she had to strip again.

She opened the door and no one was there, she waited sitting on the massage table until a lady entered the room, it was a rather attractive woman, somewhat older than $name1, however, she couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she was despite being older than her.

“Good afternoon, I’m Michelle, your masseuse.” The woman who had entered introduced herself. And $name1 shamelessly removed the top of her bathing suit.

“You can take it all off if you wish.” Michelle announced, and passed her a towel so $name1 could cover herself.

The questioned took the towel, and stripped off the bottom of her swimsuit as well leaving her completely naked. $name1 lay on the massage table face down, and Michelle covered her buttocks with the folded towel once $name1 was lying down.

Michelle reached for the lotion and began working on $name1’s back. Immediately $name1 felt relief in that area, she closed her eyes, and let herself be massaged. $name1 felt that Michelle’s hands were miraculous, her touch, her pressure was perfect.

Michelle worked her back in a masterful way, unable to help herself, $name1 let out several sounds that denoted pleasure at Michelle’s massage. $name1 hoped she took it as a compliment. $name1 tried not to make any more noises, but she was finding it very difficult.

Michelle’s magic hands were lifting her to another plane. In that instant, there was no stress at all. $name1 regretted not doing that sooner. She would have saved herself a million bad times. She promised to do it more often.

“Is the pressure okay?” Michelle asked $name1.

Between moans, $name1 replied that it was more than fine. $name1 could not deny that she was getting turned on by the massage Michelle was giving her.

She was increasing the pressure, she was lowering it, she was going down $name1’s back, and up her legs, from her feet, she was massaging up her legs and a little higher. $name1 was so relaxed and so aroused that it took her a while to notice Michelle going higher and higher up her legs.

She got to a point where she was almost touching $name1’s inner thighs, and $name1 did nothing to stop her.

$name1 had a hard time admitting that she was enjoying it and that Michelle had her very turned on, she didn’t want that thought to form in her mind, but it was what was happening and besides, she wasn’t contributing to the opposite.

$name1 was letting herself go. The scent of the lotion, Michelle’s prodigious hands, everything was getting more than just relaxation out of $name1. She began to moan openly, and Michelle was thrilled by taking her hands further and further, higher and higher until she was directly touching $name1’s inner thighs.

She was naked, and Michelle was mere inches away from touching $name1’s pussy.

Michelle brushed the entrance to $name1’s pussy.

She had done it on purpose, feeling out how far she could reach. Michelle’s intention had never been that, but now that she was so close the temptation was very strong.

$name1 sensed it judging by the way Michelle was touching her, more and more sexually. Michelle continued the massage, bringing her hands to that spot so close to $name1’s center that she found herself wanting Michelle to masturbate her, but at the moment she hadn’t gotten that far.

Suddenly, $name1 remembered that the massage was only an hour long. She wanted it to last longer. She wasn’t sure what was going on, but she didn’t want Michelle to stop.

Perhaps $name1’s moans turned her on too. This was obvious for a few seconds then, as Michelle went up and up, no longer in any mood for dissimulation.

She removed the towel covering $name1’s buttocks, and seeing that $name1 didn’t protest, she massaged her buttocks energetically, squeezing them, applying more lotion, while $name1 made erotic sounds, she didn’t care anymore about stifling them, $name1 just wanted to receive more from Michelle.

She already had Michelle’s hands on her buttocks, they had already crossed the barriers. Michelle saw that her client was reciprocating everything she was doing, she ran a finger very close to her ass as she opened her buttocks, there she squirted lotion, Michelle’s fingers went several inches and returned to $name1’s ass.

$name1 moaned, lifted her hips, which got Michelle’s fingers deep into her pussy that time, Michelle inserted one, then another, and masturbated her in this way for a time that seemed very short to $name1.

$name1’s eyes were tightly shut, and she was enjoying Michelle’s fingers inside her like crazy.

Indeed, Michelle had been thrilled by $name1’s moans, and improvised, and not just with massages.

Her fingers were still busy with $name1’s pussy. She pulled them out for a moment, and they were very wet, $name1’s pussy was gushing fluids like a tributary. $name1 thanked her, for it was the most exciting thing that had happened to her in the last few months.

Holding no more, $name1 turned around on the massage table with much effort, and spread her legs, Michelle massaged the tops of her legs, and moved up until her fingers were at $name1’s pussy once again. $name1 had grown tired of Michelle fingering her in that position and wanted to be more comfortable, so Michelle inserted her fingers and $name1 went wild, she screamed, she let out moans of pleasure and lost herself in the sensation of Michelle’s fingers in her wet pussy.

Michelle was also excited to see how she was making $name1 squirm and moan to the rhythm of her fingers.

She let herself go and kept thrusting in and out so fast that $name1 screamed even louder. She tensed her legs, and spread them even wider. She wanted all of Michelle’s fingers inside her. She squirmed and writhed, she reacted with great abandon.

$name1 was shaking her head from side to side, vociferating, demanding that Michelle move her fingers at full speed.

Michelle was happy to oblige.

$name1 propped herself up on her elbows with her legs spread wide and looked down, the sight was especially pleasurable, voluptuous.

She watched as Michelle’s fingers moved in and out of her pussy. $name1 carried away by passion, wanted to kiss her, and Michelle seeing what she intended, did so. Their tongues joined in a passionate kiss, while Michelle was still pleasuring $name1.

Michelle fumbled for the lotion bottle on the side table, never ceasing to move her fingers inside $name1.

Once in her hand, Michelle passed the bottle to her other hand, and soon the bottle of lotion disappeared into $name1’s drooling pussy, she received it with more screams, and more rapture than Michelle would have intended.

$name1 with her hand took Michelle’s hand pushing the lotion bottle into her pussy, and pushed it further in, asking Michelle to push it further in.

The lotion bottle dilated $name1’s pussy, even more, $name1 moved, moaned, as if the lotion bottle was a cock. Michelle increased her movements.

Her hands were moving the lotion bottle in circles, and then back and forth, pushing it almost all the way into $name1’s pussy. $name1’s nipples were stiff, and with her free hand, Michelle pinched them. $name1’s reaction was immediate.

She plopped down on the massage table, Michelle pulled out the bottle of lotion for just a second, and $name1 looked at her reproachfully, so Michelle made it disappear once more into $name1’s pussy, and that time she pushed it in much deeper, giving $name1 maximum enjoyment.

Michelle began to rapidly pull the bottle of lotion in and out, and then pushed it back in with each stroke. She then returned it to the bottom of $name1’s pussy.

This time, Michelle didn’t stop for even a space of a second. She was still pinching one of $name1’s nipples to make the experience complete.

$name1 was beside herself, wiggling her hips, wiggling around the makeshift dildo until the pleasure made her roll her eyes, keeping her mouth open to its fullest capacity, irrefutable signs that orgasm was near.

$name1 came on the massage table, squeezing Michelle’s hand tightly, the hand holding the lotion bottle.

After that massage with a full-blown happy ending, $name1 left the spa. The day had turned out to be more than just a day of relaxation…

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