Work From Home Finger Fuck

$name1 is working from home, and the day is getting her down – so she decided to spice up her own company with a middle-of-the-work-day play…

Just the computer in front of her. $name1 was already bored of being cooped up there working.

The calls made and received were getting on her nerves. She looked into every corner of her room where there was nothing but darkness. How monotonous it all was…

She would put on a T-shirt and remain in her underwear, so she was more comfortable, and the people who called her and the people she called, could not see her.

$name1 touched her breasts and felt a little hot gush of heat between her legs; she knew that feeling very well. She felt like fucking, but since she was cooped up there bored and working, her hands took possession of her breasts, her big round breasts.

She wasn’t wearing a bra, just the somewhat tight T-shirt. She reached in and pulled her breasts out to fiddle with them, her nipples were eager for attention.

Attention, she gave them right away.

$name1 was warming herself up. She had momentarily forgotten about her work, she spread her legs, and placed her hand on her breast, past her abdomen and down to her crotch.

She was ready; she wanted that experience to take place there in front of her PC, as she did not want to move. $name1 with one finger rubbed her nipple, while her other hand did the work on her clitoris.

It was swollen; she had not removed her panties, which she liked to call her work panties. Still, she could clearly see how her clit responded to the delicate touch of her fingers, she rubbed and the fabric made a rubbing noise.

$name1 spread her legs wider, placing them on either side of her desk chair, and the action began. She had enough of those panties, took them off, and rubbed her clit like mad, letting her moans slip out.

There was no one there, she screamed, her hand was moving, and her fingers were giving her maximum pleasure.

When that wasn’t enough, she reached for something to insert, a vibrator. While it was doing a magnificent job, she was rubbing her clitoris, the two things at the same time was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to her in front of that PC.

After a few minutes, she pulled out the vibrator, and watched as her fluids dripped out, she took some of it into her mouth. She felt wild. She continued to masturbate with great energy with the vibrator.

She was aggressively thrusting it in, she wasn’t quite aware that she was doing this. $name1’s fingers knew very well what they were doing as they massaged her clit in that efficient manner.

$name1 was having a good time. Her head was bobbing from side to side, and she couldn’t help but moan, scream, bellow. The room was answering her with the echo of her own moans.

$name1 was cumming.

She tensed her legs tighter, her eyes closed, no longer caring about anything. She had forgotten about work.

Her hand had returned to her breast, and she squeezed it hard as the vibrator plunged furiously into her wet pussy, it was much more than wet, fluids completely covered the vibrator, she screamed.

She wanted to finish hard; she wanted the orgasm to last infinitely. She was already very close, her legs were wide open as was her pussy, how divine it was, and she wanted to come already.

Just as she was about to do so, an incoming Zoom call woke her up.

$name1 let go of the vibrator, even though it was still stuck in her pussy, and lifted her head from the chair.

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