Sexting Fun (Couples Story)

A sexy couple’s story from the male’s perspective, between your girl (name 1), and your (name 2), as even though she’s at home and you’re at work, she knows how to tease…

$name1 was a voluptuous redhead with a banging body that turned heads whenever she walked by.

She had big boobs and a big ass and her boyfriend, $name2 appreciated every part of her, and one evening when he was at work, pulling an all-nighter, $name1 fetched her sexiest lingerie and put it on.

She loved dressing up because it made her feel sexy and also because it really turned on her boyfriend.

She missed her boyfriend and she wanted to show him what he was missing while at work when she was lonely and horny at home.

$name1 wanted to tease and torture him and she grabbed her phone then stood in front of a mirror and snapped a picture in her sexy outfit, then sent it to $name2 with an accompanying naughty message.

“Miss me sexy?”

She teased him then watched the three little dots dance on the screen for a few seconds before his message came.

“God damn woman! Now I have to take a break and go to the bathroom.”

His message said and $name1 giggled to herself before taking another picture. She lowered her bra cup and exposed her breast then took one nipple between her fingers.

She then took a picture and sent it to her boyfriend before she started playing with herself.

Teasing her boyfriend made her very horny and her nipples were now hard like pebbles with her pussy moist and drenching her panties. She snapped a picture of the wet spot on her undies and sent the picture with an accompanying dirty message.

“See how horny you made me?”

$name1 texted $name2 who replied with tongue emojis.

“My pussy is dripping wet for your cock.”

She typed before sneaking her hands inside her panties and rubbing her clit until her body started shaking wildly.Β 

“How I wish I was there babe.”

$name2’s text read.

$name1 then decided to up the ante and sunk a finger inside her tight cunt next then snapped another picture and sent it over.Β 

“Don’t you wish that was your cock?”

$name1 teased him and he called her next but she declined his call. She was determined to turn up the heat and drive him crazy, so $name1 reached for the vibrator from her drawer and switched it on then slowly guided it up to her inner thighs.

She lowered her panties then spread her legs wide apart and pushed the vibrator deep inside her pussy while using her fingers to gently caress her sensitive clit and it felt as if she had died and ascended to heaven when the vibrator sent shock-waves all over her body.

Her cunt was aching so bad and it greedily clamped around the vibrator which generated all kinds of beautiful sensations that were quickly spread all over her responsive body that was aching for her lover. Her stomach was tight with tension and the dido sent little quakes inside her womb exciting her.

$name1 was having too much fun and she almost forgot to snap a picture for her boyfriend but she quickly remembered before she climaxed so she quickly snapped a picture capturing her sexy body, her sensual facial expressions, and her pussy with a vibrator lodged inside it that was sending wild sensations all over her body and made her go crazy.

$name1 could not help but moan as the sensations floated all over her body and ravaged it. It felt so good, so good that she was hissing and gasping in loud breaths as the vibrations zinged from one end to the other end of her body and she didn’t want it to stop and somehow throughout the madness, she managed to capture a few pictures and videos that she sent to $name2 whose reaction made her even hornier.

“I want you so bad. I’m hiding in the bathroom touching myself…”

$name2 texted back and thinking about that made $name1’s pussy even wetter.

It was dripping with her juices and her tight nipples were aching as the vibrator teased her g-spot making her scream her brains out as she slowly got closer and closer to the edge. “Fuck yes baby, I’m gonna cum. Let’s cum together.”

The text read and it took a message from $name2 to make her reach climax. $name1 was damned and she struggled to keep the moans low with the wild sensations being felt from head to toe and a few vibrations later, she felt her body still as if she was having a stroke before all her muscles spasmed as an orgasm ravaged her body with her body shaking violently and her cunt squirting all over the bedsheets.

The climax was a wild rollercoaster that took her on one hell of a ride and when she recovered, $name1 took another picture and sent it to her boyfriend.

“Look what you made me do. I need this pussy filling as soon as possible, make sure that it’s you doing that.”

She texted him then shut her phone and she knew that would make him come home quickly because $name2 couldn’t handle the thought of someone else fucking her…

Author: Alice

Alice is one of the founding authors of, and enjoys a variety of erotic kinks from cuckolding and voyeurism, to oral fixations and fantasy genres.

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