Solo Bathtime Play

This is a short, sensual customizable erotica of a petite woman, liberating herself in the bath after a long day at work…

$name1 lowered her naked body into the warm bath water and released a sigh of relief. It felt so good to be home after the end of a hectic day. Oh to be a young woman chasing after her life goals in a warm bath at the end of a working day.

It felt liberating.

$name1 was single and not because of the lack of men. She attracted them in plenty because she was hot, she had small boobs and a big butt that attracted the attention of men whenever she passed by but she wasn’t dating anyone as she was too busy with her career.

Her being single did not mean that she was sexually deprived. $name1 pleasured herself in other ways and her top drawer that was filled with sex toys was proof enough.

Her fingers also came in handy and when her body was submerged in the warm water, $name1 lifted her fingers to her neck and began caressing and slowly seducing herself, and the sensations her fingers aroused in her body felt so good.

She trailed her fingers to her neck and her collarbone until they reached her breasts which she cupped and went on to tease and play with them while she moaned and hissed from the thrilling sensations that traveled all over her body.

$name1 felt sexy and naughty as she touched herself in her warm bath. Her mind was wild with imagination and she pictured an imaginary lover who was enjoying her little show as she cupped her breasts and began caressing and kneading them gently while she bit her lips and let out little moans and the longer she touched herself, the more aroused she got.

$name1 kept playing with her breasts before she finally took her fingers to her nipples and rubbed her fingers against the sensitive erect mounds which tightened further in reaction. It felt so good and she kept going and tortured her aching nipples by pinching, pulling them hard, and rolling them between her fingers until they were sore.

$name1 loved playing with her body because she knew exactly what she wanted and when the pain became too much, she dampened it by lowering her head and taking her nipples in her mouth one after the other and it felt so fucking good.Β 

The wetness and warmth of her mouth on her nipples sent wild sensations all over her body and latched onto one of her breasts and sucked it hard while stroking her nipple with her tongue before she moved onto the next one and subjected it to the same pleasurable treatment.

$name1 kept at it, going from one breast to the other until she was feverish.

Her body desperately craved for more and $name1 finally caved in and took her hands to her crotch area.

She briefly caressed her clit which made her body shiver then sunk three of her fingers inside her hot and moist pussy that gripped them tightly and it felt so fucking good.

$name1 slowly withdrew her fingers then sucked her fingers before she took them back to her pussy and pushed them inside then went on to drive them in and out while moaning and grunting in her bathtub with the water slowly cooling down.Β 

$name1 enjoyed pleasuring herself and her body desperately needed a release which made her quicken her pace and fuck her pussy faster.

Her clit was aching and twitching and it felt as if someone was holding a lighter to it, torching it and when her thumb finally touched it and rubbed on it, $name1 lost her cool with her body spiraling out of control and she was left convulsing and shaking hard as her body spiraled into what was a powerful orgasm that threatened to consume her.

As the strong sensations lessened, her arousal did not abate and $name1 still wanted more so she kept on fingering herself while her other hand gently caressed her breasts that were now very soft, tender, and very sensitive.

She worked her pussy to a frenzy until she soon succumbed to another orgasm and despite trying so hard to hold on, her body was overwhelmed by the torturous pleasure which propelled her to new heights.Β 

$name1 shook so hard that she thought that she was going to drown but, thankfully she did not and when the sensations finally cooled down, she stepped out of the bathtub, drained the cold water and grabbed a towel from the rack then wrapped it around her sexy, naked body.

She then walked into the bedroom and opened her favorite drawer then retrieved her favorite sex toy, ready to get the party started…

Author: Alice

Alice is one of the founding authors of, and enjoys a variety of erotic kinks from cuckolding and voyeurism, to oral fixations and fantasy genres.

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