Spanish Vacation Cuckolding Day 1

Told from the cuck’s perspective, you’re on vacation with your darling – $name1 – and in the Mediterranean sun, you explore a new cuckold dynamic. This is day 1, in what is a two-part adventure.

Vacation Stories: Day 1 | Day 2

At the start of our relationship, $name1 was quite reserved and traditional in terms of sex: I always took the initiative in our sexual relations.

Without being a champion of fucking, I still managed to make her come regularly, with my tongue or with my hands. My penis being in the low average, I did my best, but I could see that I wasn’t exactly making her bones shake.

For a few months, I had fantasized to the death about swinging relationships, to see his wife with other men. I had secretly consulted specialized sites, which had given me hell.

I had opened up to $name1 who had sharply rebuked me at the start “it is you that I love” but had ended up letting me talk about it without saying anything.

To convince her, I did not skimp on the means: I constantly complimented her on her physique, I pointed out how the guys in the street kept watching her. She laughed about it.

Then I gave her some daring lingerie and shorter and shorter clothes, telling her how beautiful she was wearing them…

Little by little, I saw that she seemed more and more receptive to my ideas. But I did not imagine how much!

At the very beginning of last summer, we set off for sunny Spain for a week of relaxation and idleness. We booked a charming little house a stone’s throw from the beach and the town center of a small resort on the Costa Brava.

When we unpacked our suitcases, I immediately realized that $name1 had decided to make me happy for this stay: little short, high-cut dresses, tank tops with generous necklines, tight shorts …

I made no comment, but I was inwardly delighted!

After dinner, I suggest that she go for a drink in town, which she accepts with joy.

I just dressed in Bermuda shorts and a t-shirt but when $name1 comes out of the bathroom I am blown away: little blue dress halfway up the thigh with a top that gives her a very pronounced neckline and small strappy sandals.

$name1 is a natural canon, this is downright a sex bomb!

I compliment her on her outfit, she replies: “it’s to please you my love and then the holidays are made to let go a little”

I hoped in my heart that she was going to let go completely!

It takes only a few minutes walk to reach the busy streets of the resort. Lots of bars and people. I can see that the male eyes are very focused on my darling, she pretends not to notice it, the rascal …

We enter a music bar with a small dance floor. We order mojitos and then $name1 asks to dance. I am completely smacked by the ride, I decline. But I encourage her to go dancing alone.

No need to push for long! $name1 gets up and begins to jiggle to the Latin rhythms. It doesn’t take long for all of the unaccompanied guys on the floor to slowly approach my sweetheart to try and dance with her.

A tall black guy comes in front of her and begins to dance with her at her own pace. $name1 looks at me to see if she accepts or not. My delighted look and a nod from me give him the green light to dance with him.

The guy quickly puts his hands on her hips and they both start a frenzied saraband.

They often whisper in each other’s ears, laughing, but obviously, I can’t hear their conversation.

The dances follow one another and it gets hotter and hotter on the floor: $name1 is now dancing with her back to the black guy.

This little slut waves her beautiful buttocks squarely on the top of his crotch.

The guy’s hands are more and more wandering, they walk on her hips her buttocks, go up on her opulent breasts.

$name1, โ€‹โ€‹taken by the music, holds her head on her shoulder … It’s downright hot! On my chair, I have a stick of hell! Images come to my mind: I imagine $name1 getting fucked doggy style by this guy in the toilet, or that she decides to plant me there to go to his place to get fucked.

At the end of the song, $name1 stops dancing, thanked her partner with a kiss on the cheek, and comes to join me very perkily. He is visibly disappointed!

How are you darling?

I’m good sweetheart, that was very hot!

Oh yes? He’s French, he kept telling me that I was magnificent, that I had an effect on him and all. And I felt he was telling the truth if you know what I mean…

The bitch! He made her feel his erection through his pants. I pushed the advantage.

And you did not offer him more?

You’re crazy!

Well what, you could thank him for being a great dance partner.

How? ‘Or’ What?

By going to give him some, relief in the toilet for example!

$name1 looked me straight in the eye as if to gauge me.

Was I serious or not? A second of thought, then with a bound she stood up and went straight to the black man.

They chatted for ten seconds, the black man couldn’t get over it, but $name1 took his hand and guided him to the bathroom. Should I follow at the risk of ruining everything or go there to watch? I decided to wait and stay at our table.

About ten minutes later, I saw them come out of the men’s bathroom, him very relaxed and she, hilarious, adjusting her dress and a little disheveled.

The two tapped on their phones then my sweetheart gave him a kiss on the cheek and came back to me defiantly saying:

So, how does it feel to be a cuckold now?

I just smile knowingly and we head straight for the house. Once there, I can’t stand it any longer and ask for details.

We locked ourselves in a stall.ย  I started to stroke his cock through his pants, it didn’t take him more than five seconds to unbutton and take out his cock, and what a cock, you would have seen that monster! It was huge and veiny and… Just wow.

I was already erect, I let her continue drinking her words.

I crouched down and I started to lick his shaft, in two-three licks he was at full attention! I stroked it without thinking! IBarely half and it was already deep in my mouth! He grabbed my hair and started to ease that big cock in further, as far as he could go.

What a bitch, she blows a stranger in the toilet and she boasts of being treated like a slut!

It lasted a while then he lifted me up and turned me around. I had to lean against the cabinet door. He raised my dress, tore my thong, and without love or teasing started to ease that cock into me, inch by inch, stretching me as he went deeper.

Matching words to action, she took out of her bag a piece of rag that had been a high-end thong that I had bought her. It was ripped. $name1 obligingly continued her story, as much to excite me as to get excited too.

He fucked me like crazy, I do not know how long it lasted, but he ended up letting go of a groan and shooting his cum on my ass. We tried to make ourselves look presentable again, then well, you saw us leaving the bathrooms.

Did you like it? I asked.

$name1 blushed and let out a shy little “yes”. I kiss her passionately and reassure her:

I love you even more if it was possible. Come, let’s take a shower.

After the shower we go to bed, I start to tease $name1 it does not take long before she comes to ride me.

I love to see her like this, I do not deprive myself of caressing her beautiful breasts. She fidgets a lot and expresses her pleasure more and more strongly while my cock has never really been of size to make it take off.

You would like to be fucked by the black guy again, $name1?

$name1 does not respond but her comings and goings are faster and faster and her sighs more and more intense.

You want him to use you again like a slut? Maybe invite some of his friends over?

$name1 then leaves in a loud cry of pleasure before collapsing on me and sinking into a deep sleep, where I join her soon.

Vacation Stories: Day 1 | Day 2

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