Spanish Vacation Cuckolding Day 2

Told from the cuck’s perspective, you’re on vacation with your darling – $name1 – and in the Mediterranean sun, you’ve already broken your cuckold cherry on day one, what could day 2 possibly have in store?

Vacation Stories: Day 1 | Day 2

When I wake up $name1 is not in bed.

I find her on the small terrace, sitting on a deckchair, completely naked, drinking a coffee. I have an erection just seeing her like this. She taps on her phone. Already messaging the black man from yesterday?

Hello, my treasure.

Hello my love, sleep well?

Perfect, and you?

Like a rock. Who are you smirking and texting?

Well, it’s Pierre, the guy from the bar last night, he text me this morning.

Ah, what does he want?

To see me again, do you think…

And you told him yes I hope?

$name1 looked at me enigmatically and, without answering my question, got up to go take a shower.

After lunch, we decide to go to the beach for a day.

Our new friend, Pierre, advised us to go to a more secluded beach where there are fewer people.

We just have to walk a few minutes on bad roads and indeed, there are a few people, but we do not have the impression of being in the metro at 6pm!

We undress and I understand why $name1 had gone to dress in the bathroom: she had bought a new swimsuit, a push-up top that brought out her big breasts in an incredible way, a low cut in V whose back left appear half of her buttocks! A real head-turning outfit!

Darling your swimsuit suits you perfectly! You look so sexy in it!

Do you like it? Is it a surprise for you!

$name1 says with an almost excitable tone.

You’re going to attract a lot of attention in that swimsuit.

That’s what you want, isn’t it?

She retorted, sticking out her tongue.

I was amazed. The bar episode last night was no accident. It did indeed fit into my game for my greatest pleasure. I fully intended to take advantage of the situation as soon as the opportunity arose.

About fifteen minutes after our arrival, a small group of guys descended to the beach. Three guys, wearing Ivory Coast soccer jerseys and carrying a soccer ball amongst the towels and other beach toys.

The incessant glances they throw at $name1 and their discussions while looking at us prove that they did not choose this location by chance!

$name1 is tanning her back, giving a breathtaking view of her superb pair of buttocks and her breasts compressed in her top. We don’t know if she’s looking at the guys or her magazine with her big sunglasses.

Have you seen the three guys, darling? They keep watching you!

I saw. Do you like that they are watching me?

I would slip away, just to see if they would dare to approach you. You will tell them that I am just a friend who has gone back to the plaza for an hour or so, but I would go hide up on the dunes.

You, you really want me to get fucked!

If you like them …

But there are three of them? Are you sure? I’m sure they’d all want to take part and not just watch one of their friends getting all the fun…

Smiling, I get up, pick up my things, and pretend to leave. After disappearing of all I hide in the surrounding dunes from where I can observe the rest discreetly. Leaving $name1 no choice but to see how the situation plays out.

The three guys almost immediately approached $name1 and struck up a conversation.

From my vantage point, of course, I can’t hear anything, but I’m guessing it drags dry. $name1 turned around and exposed her big breasts to them.

It seems to be going well since the four soon start to laugh. The three guys are squarely installed next to my darling. It talks and it laughs and I see hands that are wandering, at first timidly then frankly.

One of the guys puts a hand on $name1’s thigh, who doesn’t push him away.

Everyone goes to the water, the four frolic, throw themselves in the water, play catch and the guys grab her by the buttocks or breasts without her taking offense! Watching them I can feel my shorts tightening around my growing erection.

Once back on the sand and dry, I see that the conversation is more licentious, tenser.

One of the guys who had gently brought his face closer to $name1’s ended up putting his lips on my darling’s.

And $name1 gives it back! Considering the time spent, it is not a small kiss, but a real passionate kiss, with tongues.

Finally my little slut gave in!

Here they are lying on the towels, while the other two play with her more and more seriously: their hands went from the legs to the thighs, then from the thighs to the breasts and down to the front of her swimsuit…

The scene lasts forever and gets hotter and hotter, the two men exploring her body put their hands under the swimsuit, I can see $name1 is losing her footing. Is she going to have an orgy on the beach?

$name1 stops suddenly, her face changed. She gets up abruptly and adjusts herself, preserving some modesty. I see them discussing for two minutes, I see everyone getting dressed. Where are they going?

Here they are leaving the beach and walking towards the exit. I follow them from a distance.

Arrived in the parking lot, here they are, climbing into a car and departing.

I am devastated: our car is at the villa, they will be far away by the time we reach it! Get in the way and stop it all? They already come out of the parking lot and hit the road. I lose sight of them.

I send an anguished text to $name1, ​​but she does not answer me.

What are they going to do with her? Fuck her? Is she safe?

I just had to go back to the villa and wait.

In the middle of the night, I finally heard the key turn and an $name1 very alive but obviously very tired and the crumpled outfit come through the door. I assailed her with questions:

You are well my love? Did it go well? Are you ok?

Exhausted, $name1 looks at me.

Come in the bedroom I will tell you, I need to lay down.

In the bedroom, she undresses, we lie down on the bed and, after I told her where I left off from her afternoon, she tells me the rest:

We drove for a while, their room was on the ground. Whoever was behind with me, who had kissed me all the time, continued and took the opportunity to touch me all over, lowering the top of my pants and fingering me thoroughly.Β  That bastard slipped his shorts off and pulled out a monster of a cock. He guided my head towards his cock and without thinking I swallowed him!

I listened to this hallucinatory confession. My faithful and somewhat prudish little sweetheart had turned into a cock-hungry whore. I was thrilled!

I sucked it like that for a while, and we got to their place. As much to tell you that I do not know where it is, I was too busy sucking! It’s a rental villa much like us. As soon as they entered, they almost ripped off my clothes, took me to one of the bedrooms, and there…

There what?

They told me that I was going to enjoy like never before; I was thrown on the bed, they took me one behind the other, two at the same time, one in my pussy one in my mouth, sometimes only one did me, I gave them titjob and twice they took me three at the same time, bastards, one in my mouth one in my pussy one in my ass!

They must have taken something because they were tireless!

When they were finally satisfied, they made me get dressed and left me not far from here, and voila!

Did you enjoy it?

$name1 blushes at the question.

Yes, I enjoyed it several times…

I was delighted and very excited.

You told me they brought you back, but you didn’t shower?

Not yet, I… I…


I still have their cum in my holes…

Without thinking I threw myself on her pussy to see. I gently remove the bikini and I immediately see that the inside of the fabric is sticky and smells of a man’s cum.

A thick whitish liquid still flows from her pussy. This little slut really picked up!

I continue my inspection of her body, her ass is also manhandled and traces of semen stick a little behind the fabric. Her breasts were a little sticky too, certainly leftovers from the titjob she gave them.

I straightened up and kissed her. Surprised and initially reluctant, she finally did not resist and I could appreciate the slightly salty taste of a mouth that sucked cocks and swallowed cum, many loads in succession.

I could not resist the temptation to penetrate her, to smell the sperm of others, the humiliation of going last. It didn’t take long for me to unload everything and mix my cum with theirs.

We returned home the day after.

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