Student Borrows Roommate’s Toy

$name1 has lived a sheltered life and is now determined to make freshman year at college a “great year”, making up for the lost time. This is where she meets $name2, and after getting to know him, he helps her with some of her firsts…

I longed to finally live in a big city. I was looking forward to the urban lifestyle.

But I was also nervous about moving out of home and being on my own. After all, I didn’t know anyone at the university or in Vienna in general.

I had reserved a room in one of the student dormitories. I was supposed to share this room with a girl named $name2. I didn’t know anymore. I have a little sister, but we always had separate bedrooms.

I’ve never had to share my bedroom. I just hoped I could get along with the other girl.

So that day I stood with a fully packed suitcase in front of the door of my room, in which I would live for the next few years. I could already hear noises and voices from inside, so I opened the door.

Apparently, $name2 had arrived before me.

“Hello roommate!”, She greeted me stormily. She was totally turned on, but also seemed very personable to me. I eyed her briefly.

She was taller than me, I estimated her to be about 170 cm. She had blonde hair and gray-blue eyes. She had to do a lot of fitness, I thought because she was a great figure. The tight jeans she wore and the white top looked just fine.

“Hello! I’m $name1. Then you must be $name2?” I replied.

“Exactly! I’m looking forward to getting to know you!”

So, we started chatting while we both unpacked our suitcases and settled down a little in our new home.

$name2 was very fashion conscious. She had brought an incredible amount of clothes. All very fashionable and sexy too, I thought.

Suddenly a little bag that had been lying among the many clothes fell from her suitcase to the floor.

“Oops!” She shouted with a grin.

I looked up and my face flushed. I got embarrassed.

Out of the pocket was a long, thick plastic penis, and something that looked like a vibrator, although I had never seen one before.

I was very inexperienced in sex. I had made out with a few guys, of course, and had a little experience with oral sex. I only had proper sexual intercourse once and I really didn’t have good memories of it.

$name2 noticed my uncertainty and laughed.

“These are my best friends,” she joked.

“What is that anyway?” I asked, pointing to the strange, unknown part.

“This is my Womanizer, a clitoris vibrator!” She replied with the greatest of ease. “This round opening comes directly on your clit and the thing then sucks on it. I tell you, I have had the hottest orgasms with this toy!”.

She picked up her toys and put them on her bedside table.

I wasn’t used to talking so openly about such things. I had brought a coffee machine that I immediately started using once unpacked, and that’s about as exciting as my “mechanical” friends got.

We used the rest of the afternoon to chat and get to know each other. We drank coffee, laughed a lot, and after a short time, we were very familiar. I was glad that the start of my new life went so smoothly.

Then someone knocked on the door and slipped a flyer under it. It was an invitation to a party in the neighboring dorm. The beginning of the semester should be celebrated appropriately.

$name2 was immediately on fire for it, but I was so exhausted from traveling, unpacking, and the whole new situation in general that I refused this time.

It came about that soon after that I was alone in our room in the evening. $name2 had gone out, it was quiet. I enjoyed this calm at that moment. I slipped into my comfortable pyjamas and lay down on my bed to relax for a moment.

I lay there, thinking about this and that, about the future, about new opportunities, about cute boys, about upcoming parties. Somehow there was such a nice tingling sensation in the whole body. I was excited. Not to say excited!

I started to slide my hand under my shirt and slowly stroked my stomach. Very gently, just with your fingertips.

That was a wonderful feeling. I like my stomach, like the feeling of soft skin, like to be touched there.

It was special to indulge my lust in this new environment. Soon I raised my hand and felt the outlines of my breasts.

I felt my nipples begin to stand up. They rubbed the fabric of my shirt, which made me feel crazy.

I increased my lust further by massaging my breasts with both hands and gently stroking my nipples repeatedly. I did that until I wanted more.

My right hand went into my panties. Only now did I realize how incredibly wet I had already become from my game. My panties were soaked.

A scent of lust and passion could be heard. My body was already ready. My labia were swollen and opened slightly. I could also feel my inner lips, as they are quite long and are practically always visible.

I stroked myself and concentrated on myself and my lust.

With my left hand, I deftly exposed my clitoris. With the other hand, I began, very gently, pulling the skin back and forth over it. This tried and tested technique had served me well since my youth.

And it was no different that evening. Slowly my breathing became heavier and more audible. Every now and then a loud moan escaped me.

I brought myself a few times just before a redeeming climax and then stopped again, cooled down briefly, and started all over again.

Stimulating my bud alone was no longer enough for me. I first inserted one, then two fingers into my pussy and increased my intoxication even further. I loved the feeling of penetration while playing with my clit.

As I was so excited for my inevitable climax, a thought suddenly occurred to me. I thought of $name2’s mysterious pouch, or rather of its contents. I knew it was totally wrong and an outrageous breach of trust to attack her things.

On the other hand, I was so horny that I couldn’t make a reasonable thought. Besides, she would never know.

I jumped up, walked over to her bed, and took it out of her bedside table. I opened the pouch and was about to grab the dildo when my eyes fell again on this strange second toy that I had marveled at earlier that day.

I was in the mood to experiment and grabbed the “Womanizer”.

Soon I also found out how the thing can be switched on and a faint whirring sound could be heard. $name2 said the small opening belongs on the clitoris. Now I was a little nervous because I had no idea what to expect. But my horniness finally got the upper hand, and I led the toy to my pussy and placed the opening just above my clit.

What followed was a feeling I didn’t know. A feeling that is difficult to describe. It was as if pressure waves hit my most sensitive areas and stimulated them very gently. In any case, it filled my entire body with immense pleasure again.

I knew immediately that it was only a matter of time before I exploded. This new feeling was so exciting that I feared it would go too fast.

But it was also different from my conventional stimulations. Very slowly but firmly, one wave after another built up in my body. Each wave of this pleasure was stronger than the previous one. I was breathing loud now and was afraid that someone could hear me through the thin walls. But even that was completely unimportant now.

Wave after wave flooded me and soon afterward all the pent-up energy was discharged in an incredible orgasm. It was intense, persistent, and flowed through my entire body.

I felt an incredible warmth in my fingertips, just like in my toes, in my breasts, in my pussy. Everything pulsed. My bed was wet. Pure bliss. I was blown away. This toy is awesome!

When I had cooled down a bit, I looked at the toy in my hand and had to laugh. Now I was a little ashamed that I had simply taken it from my roommate. However, I couldn’t promise it would be the last time. I cleaned it and put it back carefully so that $name2 didn’t notice anything.

That was the perfect end to a great first arrival in my new life as a student.

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