Accidental Gloryhole

$name1 has been out with friends on the town, and in her drunken state has become separated from the group. She tries a bar, thinking they might be there, and realizing they’re not goes to the bathroom to try and call them on her cell, but instead of her friends, she finds something else entirely…

After a night of wild partying with her friends, $name1 ended up getting separated from her group when she went to settle their tab. She got delayed at the counter by the overly flirty bartender and when she went back to where her friends had occupied earlier, it was empty.

They had left already and gone barhopping, leaving her behind to figure out their location which was hard because she was so drunk.

$name1 couldn’t walk straight and couldn’t see properly but she stumbled into one club after the next searching for her friends and the next club she walked into had a very different atmosphere than the others.

It was darker and seemed like it was teeming with danger and from the moment she stepped inside, every man, woman, member of staff started ogling her, with their eyes on her exposed cleavage and on being subjected to their gaze, her own nipples started tightening with her skin flushing.

The atmosphere felt dangerous and it was as if it was beckoning her to explore her wild side which was not something $name1 wanted to do at that moment because there would be no end to it.

Their eyes were practically caressing and undressing her and $name1 ducked into the nearest bathroom desperate to escape them and locate her friends.

On the verge of panicking, $name1 dug into her purse and retrieved her phone ready to contact her girlfriends to ask for their location but she was disappointed that there were no cell phone bars and she was about to storm out of the bathroom when she noticed a hole in the wall.

Was a pervert peeping through it? She couldn’t help but wonder when suddenly, she was surprised by a huge pink veiny cock shyly peeking through the hole.

“Fuck, what is that?” $name1 who was so drunk said out loud as she stared at the veiny monster cock peeking out of the wall. Was it real? She wondered and she slowly extended her hand and slowly grabbed it making the guy behind the screen hiss from the pleasure. Oh, it was real alright.

“Ooh, you like that don’t you?” She said playfully then began stroking the cock’s sensitive tip with her thumb spreading the clear pre-cum all over the length making the anonymous guy groan from extreme pleasure.

“What a beauty. This would do a lot of damage to my pussy.” $name1 said with a giggle. “Or my throat.” She added then whispered huskily. “Would you like to have my mouth wrapped around your cock?” She teased the guy while slowly jerking him off.

“Yes please.” $name1 heard the guy growl and she jerked him off for a few more minutes just to torture him before she lowered her head to his cock, snaked out her tongue, and gave his sensitive tip a slow torturous lick that had the poor guy shivering.

“Mh.. tasty.” $name1 moaned then took the tip in her mouth sucking it gently and exploring it with her wicked tongue that licked and probed every crevice filling the air with the anonymous guy’s cries of anguish.

Doing something naughty in the club with no one knowing her identity was fun and exciting and $name1 discovered that she was very turned on by the idea of someone walking in on them.

It didn’t hurt that the guy was very responsive making her enjoy blowing him.

Her friends could wait for a few more minutes $name1 decided as she took more of the stranger’s cock in her mouth despite choking and gagging on it with saliva drooling out of her mouth.

It was gross and yet very sexy and she gobbled up the mystery dick, coughing from being cut off oxygen as his loud cries made her pussy even wetter.

$name1 snuck a finger in her pussy and with difficulty tried to finger herself before giving up and putting a pause to sucking off the stranger. He could suffer for a few minutes while he got her off, $name1 decided then instructed him to remove his cock while she on the other end lifted her dress and lined her pussy against the hole.

“Stuff your fingers in me stranger and make me cum.” $name1 aided by the liquid courage commanded the stranger who obeyed.

He pushed two of his long fingers in her pussy then thrust in and out slowly before picking up the pace and going on to furiously drill $name1’s wet and noisy pussy which made her scream at the top of her lungs while shamelessly begging for more.

“Please.. please… please. Make me cum please.” $name1 sobbed as she got fingered expertly.

It felt so good, wickedly good and even though it was pure torture, she didn’t want the stranger with the magic fingers to stop fucking her.

She kept wailing as she got finger fucked until her body started shaking violently with her juices squirting all over the place as the wildest orgasm took control of her body and left her slumped against the wall.

When $name1 finally recovered, she felt sated and she quickly got on her knees and expressed her gratitude to the anonymous guy by sucking his dick properly.

She slobbered his cock with her saliva then used her mouth like suction and sucked the hell out of his cock until she could feel the tremors building up in his body.

“Aah! Yes.. yes.. urghhhhhh..”

The anonymous guy groaned on the other side of the wall and $name1 didn’t show mercy. She sucked his cock like she was starving for dick and used all her tricks to bring the poor guy to his knees.

To be fair, he fought hard to stay in control but his efforts were no match for $name1’s sinful mouth which took him to the edge from which he fell fast, shouting and growling like a beast while his powerful body shook.

It pleased $name1 so much to make a strange guy cum in her mouth and as his cock blasted thick cum down her throat, she swallowed every drop of it until his balls emptied and afterward, disappointedly released his now limp cock from her mouth.

It had been fun, dirty, and naughty and $name1 didn’t want the evening to end so soon and fortunately for her, another cock, darker and bigger than the previous one was pushed through the hole and $name1 licked her greedy lips filled with excitement then started blowing it.

Author: Alice

Alice is one of the founding authors of, and enjoys a variety of erotic kinks from cuckolding and voyeurism, to oral fixations and fantasy genres.

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