Ouija Board Possessed Lesbians

$name1 and $name2 are college freshmen and not part of the popular cliques. Halloween comes around, and neither are invited to frat parties – and being the geeks they are, they decide to play with the occult via an ouija board. 

That first year at college was not turning out to be an easy one for $name2. She was a bit of a geeky girl, and as life would have it, so was her roommate. It wasn’t easy for $name2 to adjust to the changes.

College was something completely different.

Away from home, and learning to live with a girl she didn’t know. After several days, it became clear that she and her roommate, $name1, got along very well. $name2 thought they both had hobbies in common. Halloween was approaching.

$name2 had bought a costume for the occasion, and she planned to wear it, yet no one had invited her to any of the parties she knew the fraternities were throwing.

$name2 was not the popular girl, she was under the slight impression that her costume would be at the bottom of her suitcase for a long time. She was fine with that, but a part of her wanted more than anything to go to one of those parties.

$name2 was lying on her bed, staring blankly.

Suddenly, she focused her eyes on the suitcase resting in the corner and felt like going home, no one wanted her around. She was thinking that way when the door opened, and $name1 walked in. An air of defeat surrounded her.

“Try as I might, no one invited me to any parties.” $name1 announced, pouting. $name2 noticed that she looked a little sad.

“Well, welcome to the club.” $name2 replied making room for her on her bed.

$name2’s thoughts wandered. She didn’t want to think about the fact that everyone would be having fun, except her, and of course, $name1. $name2 wanted to have fun too.

Suddenly, she had an idea.

She pondered about it before communicating her idea to $name1. $name2 looked down at her suitcase again. That time, with a smile on her lips.

“What’s so funny?” Asked $name1, who was sulking.

“I have an idea. I had completely forgotten I brought it.” $name2 replied somewhat more cheerfully.

“What’s it about?” asked $name1 again. $name2 noted that she was intrigued.

That item had been stuffed by $name2 into her suitcase, almost absentmindedly.

There was no other way to describe it. She got out of bed and walked over to where her suitcase was. Inside was a jumble of clothes and items. $name1 suddenly pressed her to tell her what it was all about. $name2 ignored her and continued with what she was doing.

What $name2 was looking for was perhaps wrapped up in some of her clothing. $name2 felt the tension that had been present in the room and smiled. It was what she had been looking for.

“At last! I found it. $name1, I have a surprise for you.” $name2 said excitedly.

“That’s what I think it is?” $name1’s eyes were as wide as saucers.

“Yes…” $name2 merely said.

In her hands, $name2 held out an Ouija board. The quintessential taboo object. She had never used it, but it was Halloween, they had nothing better to do, and fooling around with the Ouija board seemed to be the thing to do.

$name2 wasted no time and set everything up. She placed the board on her bed and watched as $name1 made herself more comfortable with her legs crossed in front of the board.

“Here we go.” $name2 commented and picked up the moving pointer.

For what seemed like hours, but was only several minutes, where the tension was almost palpable, and nerves were on edge, $name2 asked questions, likewise $name1.

Nothing was happening, both had a hand on the pointer, and it moved to form words as an answer to $name2 and $name1’s questions. Half an hour passed, and the most terrifying thing so far happened: the lights flickered, and then dimmed until they almost faded. $name2 screamed, and $name1 was terrified to death.

When the lights returned to normal. $name2’s eyes were vacant, she didn’t seem to be herself. Something like a smile twisted the corners of her lips upward, and $name1 nearly fainted from fear. $name2 was different, something didn’t fit.

Without further ado, she rushed towards $name1, kissing her where her mouth had reached, at the level of her lips. $name1 jumped out of bed in terror.

$name2 followed and cornered her against the opposite wall. $name2 was possessed by some kind of demon, and $name1 had no possible defense, for her roommate had taken her in her arms with inhuman strength.

She kissed her on the lips with rapture, her tongue would not take no for an answer, and she parted her lips.

$name2 was beside herself, her hands pulled down the shorts $name1 was wearing and massaged her clit not too subtly, $name1 screamed, but $name2 or whatever possessed $name2, noticed $name1 give in.

$name1’s panties fell to the floor, and $name2 led her back to the bed. Once there, $name2 made her head disappear between $name1’s legs.

Her roommate had already fully yielded, and $name2 licked her clit eagerly. Her tongue slid easily through $name1’s cave.

She pushed her tongue all the way into the very depths of her temple, while $name1 held her head and moaned already surrendered to what was happening.

Whatever it was that had possessed $name2 was hungry, and she ate $name1’s pussy with voracious appetite.

Her roommate moved her hips into her mouth, driven by passion and pleasure. $name2 let herself be pulled by her hair, not caring or not caring for the thing that had entered her body.

She turned her back to $name1 to run her tongue over her ass, kissing and biting her buttocks until her naughty tongue sank between them, licking everything in its path.

$name2 kept her clothes on, and removed them as $name1 turned around, and facing her he kissed her and spread her legs to intrude in between. Their pussies touched, and they both sighed in pleasure. $name2 wiggled her hips driven by the demon that dwelt within her.

Their clits pressed even closer together, and the sensation was indescribable. The juices of both joined together, forming a thick layer that produced a very distinctive sound.

Their pussies also made noises as they collided loudly, as $name2 moved full speed, squeezing one breast of $name1’s with a mammoth force, who screamed and also moved under $name2 until she came with a kind of explosion inside her in a brutal way.

$name2 lay down beside her, she didn’t speak but motioned $name1 to position herself between her legs, and she did, and returned the favor, licking her pussy madly. $name2 grunted, bucked holding $name1’s head with both hands, gasped, and screamed as she came.

A jet of pressurized fluid shot out of her pussy, and bathed $name1’s entire face and mouth, who licked. It was evident that passion had not left her.

Several minutes passed, the two lay together as $name2 slowly returned to normal. She saw herself naked and frowned. $name1 was relaxed beside her. $name2 was confused.

“What happened? ” $name2 asked, leaving $name1 bewildered…


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