Common Mistakes On Dating Apps

Trying to find a male or female for a threesome can be a frustrating experience, as you want to spend less time swiping and more time… Enjoying yourselves!

Here are four common mistakes that people make when using dating apps.

Giving up too soon

The most common mistake that people make is that they give up too soon. You might not be getting as many responses as you would like, but you should keep going as long as you are still getting responses.

Not following up

If you have reached out to many matches, you have to follow up with those matches. Some people might have been busy, or they might have been swiping a lot of pictures and just didn’t have a chance to go through every single one.

You might have been a top match for them, but they might have swiped you just to be polite. You have to follow up.

Not being authentic

If you want to have a great time on Tinder, you have to be authentic. You can’t be someone that you aren’t. Do not try to act like someone that you are not. Be yourself to find someone that likes you for you.

Being authentic is also very important to get through and filter past all the bots and fake accounts.

Swiping tons of pictures

Many people will swipe tons of pictures because they are not always getting matches. The problem with swiping tons of pictures is that you are not spending enough time going through the pictures.

Randomly swiping can also confuse apps like Bumble, which use machine learning to better understand “your type”, and if you’re giving it bad data, you’ll get bad results.

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