Sucking The Professor For Grades

$name1 is a young British University student, who has failed her last module. Needing extra marks to pass, she goes to her professor’s office to talk about her grade, and what she can do to improve them…

She was on her way to her literature professor’s office. What a great idea $name1 had had in studying English literature. She had no idea what she was getting into.

This $name1 kept saying to herself as she walked to the professor’s office. She was beautiful, very sociable, the professor should try to help her.

She would do everything in her power to change the grade she had earned in the course.

$name1 had scored 68/100 and needed at least 70 to pass. $name1 made a gesture that denoted that she had been so close… That couldn’t be happening to her.

There would have to be a way to change that. Her career depended on it. Taking a subject a second time wasn’t right. She stopped at the Professor’s door, took a deep breath, and knocked.

“Come in, come in.” $name1 heard her 60-year-old professor say.

She prepared to give her speech. The professor smiled at the sight of her. He knew perfectly well the reason she was there. $name1 tried to smile back, and got a pout.

“Oh, miss…” The professor began.

“My name is $name1, Professor. I’ve come here to ask you…” $name1 said, and lowered her head.

She felt that if she made something up to him, he was going to give in, but he interrupted her.

“Yes, I know very well why you’ve come, $name1, but I have to tell you that I can’t. You’ll have to work hard next semester.” The professor was blunt.

$name1’s heart dropped to her feet. She didn’t want to struggle next semester. She longed to pass now!

The professor watched her from behind his desk with a smile of false regret on his round face.

He wasn’t entirely unattractive, but he was a gentleman in his sixties.

$name1 couldn’t forget that for some reason. She prepared to retort, and the professor waited patiently, clasping his hands together. She looked at him angrily, but her voice was smooth as silk.

$name1 wasn’t going to let that remain that size.

“Professor, please. I wish to pass now; there must be something I can do to get you to agree to change my grade. Whatever it is, I’ll do it. I can’t afford to fail, as you understand.

I know we could settle this today. I’d like to go home, and not worry about repeating a course. Tell me, Professor, what can I do to change my grade?” The professor let her finish her speech.

Then he took off his glasses, cleaned them with all the parsimony in the world, put them back in place, and smiled at $name1.

She had sat across from him, and was shaking one leg nervously, and biting her nails a little, waiting for an answer from that old professor. Maybe he would send her a project, an essay or something. She was willing to do that before she went home to visit her family.

“Well, if there’s anything. You see, $name1, I’m a 60-year-old divorced professor, and sometimes I like to have a woman well, do a job for me…. If you know what I mean… “Finished saying the professor, while looking at her in a morbid way.

$name1 reacted at once and weighed the possibility of doing it, she didn’t want to, but what else could she do?

It would be worth it if he changed the grade, and she had asked him to give her a chance and he had given it to her.

The professor, seeing that she didn’t say yes, but she didn’t say no either. He got up and walked around the desk to stand next to her.

$name1 resignedly, and reluctantly, knelt to unbutton the professor’s pants. He smiled more openly and helped her.

The Professor’s cock wasn’t as bad as she had imagined it would be, that helped, as she had imagined it would be somewhat unpleasant. The professor latched the door, and returned to stand in front of her, his cock semi-hard.

$name1 gave him a hand job, and she felt the cock grow in her hand. All that while she tried not to watch it, but she was curious, and looked up, the professor was looking at her and his eyes were shining with desire.

$name1 proceeded to take the fully hard cock into her mouth.

The professor let out the sigh he had been holding in. $name1 moved her hand, along with her head, and wiggled it in circles, not forgetting to run her tongue over the tip, for every time she did so the professor let out a moan.

She noticed that he liked this and continued to do so.

The speed with which she sucked intensified, to the point where the professor began to tell her that he wanted even more of what she was giving him.

The cock grew bigger, and she opened her mouth wider to better contain it. She felt the taste of the pre-seminal fluid and dropped a large amount of saliva that had accumulated in her mouth.

This dripped onto $name1’s chest, and the professor opened her blouse to squirt the saliva across her nipples.

This was making $name1 horny, but she was never going to admit it.

The professor kept telling her that he would like to stick his cock between her tits, however, she ignored him and continued sucking, she moved her head faster, so that the professor’s member was embedded in her throat, and she pleaded a little.

She stopped sucking for a few seconds and masturbated him in a hurry while she recovered.

During this interruption, the professor cupped $name1’s breasts, fondling her nipples, and playing with her breasts.

Until $name1 took the battery back into her mouth, and that time she made the biggest effort of her life.

She put her all into it, she bobbed her head very efficiently, her tongue was giving the bare head of the professor’s member a great treatment, he was squirming with pleasure, it wasn’t as if he could help it, $name1 thought.

She knew she was doing a great job.

Her mouth latched onto the professor’s balls, and she licked them until the professor had to disguise to the merely human his moans of pleasure. She was doing that well.

She wanted to pass the course. She wanted to be done with it all already.

She ignored the wet duke in her panties, for she had become aroused, only she wouldn’t say anything to the man, and took his cock even further down her throat, and wiggled her head much faster, as the professor moaned, and closed his eyes, concentrating on the pleasure $name1 was giving him.

The professor let out a more audible moan, and $name1 felt the warm semen flooding her mouth, she had to keep swallowing to keep from gagging, and drank it all down.

Some of it ran down her chin, and the professor let her know. She wiped it off with her tongue with a neutral expression. The professor looked satisfied.

He centered himself behind his desk and sighed once more. Perhaps implying to her that he had liked her very much. She hoped he would keep his word. Nothing more she hoped for.

After attempting to clean herself up, $name1 left the professor’s office.

She would go home without worrying about repeating courses, but she had sucked the professor’s cock.

He had kept his word, and had tested $name1, she told herself it had been worth it….

Author: Alice

Alice is one of the founding authors of, and enjoys a variety of erotic kinks from cuckolding and voyeurism, to oral fixations and fantasy genres.

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