After Dinner Car Fuck

You’ve had a wonderful dinner with your wife, $name1, the wine has been flowing and the flirting has been strong. Driving home the mood escalates and you need to take $name1 in the car. Whilst fucking her, you notice a stranger watching from outside, and what $name1 does shocks you…

Dinner was awesome; $name1 was on her way home with her husband in the car.

She was quite happy; it had been a long time since they had a date like this, so much fun, so magical, so satisfying. $name1 was so happy, that while her husband was driving, she was massaging her husband’s member through the fabric of his pants.

She was looking at him from breath to breath to find out her husband’s reaction. $name1 had been flirting with him moments before, and her husband had not been indifferent to her.

The dinner had actually gone very well. They both felt the temperature in the car rise.

$name1 looked beautiful in the dress she had chosen for dinner, her makeup was still flawless, as was her hair. She felt her husband’s gaze on her. $name1 massaged him slowly; making sure it was on the important parts. Her husband watched her, biting his lip.

$name1 knew he was doing this to let her know that he was really enjoying it. $name1’s husband stirred in the seat, not taking his eyes off the road. $name1 smiled and didn’t pull her hand away.

She had been feeling her husband’s cock growing in her hand, and felt that one turn her on.

$name1’s nipples were hardening, she could feel the fluids dripping onto her panties, and she was on the verge of despair, but said nothing.

She continued with her task, until her husband, eager and longing, turned out of the way. She suspected what this was about, but still asked:

“What are you doing? This is not the way.”

“I don’t think I’ll make it home, honey.” He replied, to which $name1 smiled broadly.

$name1 and her husband went to a secluded spot, an alley, where the action would pick up more steam. $name1 watched as he moved over to the passenger seat.

$name1’s tits were very visible and would be even more so. Once in the passenger seat, things went to another level.

$name1’s husband kissed her tits, squeezed them, and then thrust his head between them, while she was still massaging his penis. She did her best to pull him out of his prison, and she wet her hand, for he was so aroused that his glans was wet.

She was on top of him.

Her husband lifted his head from her tits, and kissed her ardently. $name1 refused to let go of his penis, which she had begun to masturbate furiously. The car was moving, but there was no one there except them, who were on fire, and it was growing steadily. $name1 wanted to take his cock in her mouth, but her husband had something else in mind. Besides, it would be kind of hard. Space was limited.

He wrapped his arms around her as he kissed her, and he brought his kisses back up to her mouth. Tongues met, and they entwined eagerly. $name1 felt her husband’s hands everywhere. He lifted her dress, and touched her ass, the big ass, which the dress could barely contain, while the kissing continued.

She wanted to speed things up, and lifted her hips a little and then shoved her husband’s cock inside her. $name1’s pussy was overflowing with fluids, and it was easy to do.

She wiggled her beautiful hips, rocked back and forth, and rode her husband, while he kept his hands on her ass. She stuck out her tongue, and joined it to her husband’s, this sent streams of joy that made her move even faster on top of him.

His cock was fully embedded in $name1’s pussy. She was heaving, moving in circles, and her husband was letting out grunts that she took as a good thing.

He brought his hands down to $name1’s breasts, and squeezed them hard, as she rode him energetically. There was a lot of movement in that car, and soon they became aware of someone outside.

The figure was standing away from the car but could be seen. When $name1 noticed this person, the man approached them and revealed that he was masturbating to the scene.

$name1 carried away by passion, stretched out a hand and replaced that of the man outside to the surprise of her husband, who did not put it down from his cock.

$name1’s husband said nothing to her, and $name1 continued to ride him, moaning, as she masturbated the stranger outside the car. $name1 screamed with her husband’s cock deep inside her pussy.

She powered up her movements, and her hips swayed more than ever, causing her husband to shudder beneath her, and grab her buttocks with more enthusiasm.

The man outside the car moaned loudly, and $name1 moved her hand energetically, masturbating the man as if he were her lover. $name1 found the whole situation most sensual, and she cried out, then kissed her husband in a very erotic way, letting herself go beyond the limit of pleasure.

The three of them were making quite a racket. In the alley, loneliness reigned, but in that car everything was much more interesting. $name1’s husband was sucking $name1’s nipples, and this gave more pleasure to her, who was making the most noise because she was about to come.

She accelerated her movements and took them to the next level, her husband holding her buttocks and telling her that if she kept it up, he would come in a few minutes.

If she could have smiled, she would have. The man outside watched her enjoy and saw how she had not stopped and gave him an unprecedented handjob. The two things came together, and $name1 knew it.

After a few seconds, she came, without letting go of the stranger’s cock. She came hard and screamed out into the deserted night.

The man outside the car saw $name1 writhing on top of her husband’s cock, and he understood: he was going to come too. This she had realized. It all happened so fast.

$name1 let go of the cock of this man she didn’t know, and he came on her tits. The amount of cum was obscene.

He painted her huge breasts white, and she felt that some of it had landed on her chin. She wiped it off as best she could, but it kept rolling down to her abdomen.

For his part, $name1’s husband saw this and found it extremely sensual. The semen of a man who had barely seen her face rolling down his wife’s body, decorating $name1’s pearly white breasts.

That’s when he came inside $name1 letting out a prolonged moan, and grabbing $name1 by the shoulders so she couldn’t get up yet. She felt all that liquid seep inside her, and it made her pussy muscles contract, she felt pleased with this, and leaned down to kiss her husband.

$name1 didn’t care if the stranger was still there, she sat down on the seat next to her husband, and took his cock in her mouth to suck it as she had desired, and strip it of any semen that might have been left there.

He moaned, for after he had come it felt good to have $name1 do that, to suck his semi-hard cock. As she did this she felt her pussy getting wet again, and she wanted to go home right away to do it more freely.

The stranger was gone, and $name1 went home with her husband, where they fucked for the second time…

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