Dating App BBC Fuck (Female POV)

Told from the point of view of the female, you’re bored at home and browsing a popular dating app, when you match with the handsome $name1, and invite him over to relieve your boredom with his big, black cock…

Being at home, I reached a point where I was so bored that I thought about going out, but it turned out that I was also very apathetic; I was not going to go out. The desire was not there. I grabbed my phone, and with one hand under my chin, I logged into Tinder.Β 

Sitting on my couch, I checked out such an app in the hopes that it would entertain me, maybe match with someone, talk, or something else. I wasn’t exactly doing it for that, but it wouldn’t hurt to invite someone home, and maybe let that person entertain me.

However, this took me a while, what I was doing was getting even more bored, all those profiles sucked. I slid my finger to the left many, many times, so many times that I had already lost count.

Without further ado, I came across the profile of a dark-haired, handsome guy, who looked very tall in the picture.

I was immediately interested, I got more comfortable on the couch, my eyes wide open watching his profile. He had a spectacular body. It was undeniable, hard to miss.

I slid my finger to the right after a brief glance, and it turned out we matched. Finally, I snapped out of my stupor, gave a little jump of impatience, and put my cell phone very close to my face. I waited, and sure enough, he texted me.

His name was $name1, and of course, he already knew mine. I couldn’t get past the fact that he was very handsome, a very masculine man. The flirting wasn’t long in coming, my palms sweating a little as the conversation treaded more delicate, sensual, naughty ground… I loved it. It was not the time to deny it.

$name1 was complimenting my body, my big breasts, my huge ass, the picture he had seen showed that. $name1’s words were having a great effect on me. I could only think that I wished that flirting via chat would turn into something more tangible.

I was losing some of my charm that way.

In person it was different, and that’s what I wanted $name1 to witness. Sometimes it wasn’t so easy to bring up the subject so soon, we’d just ask each other slightly more personal questions, like, “Are you seeing someone?” However, I was sure that inviting him to come to visit me was what I was eager to do.

I did, and he gladly accepted. I made an effort to tidy up the apartment a bit, dress a little less homely, and waited for $name1. It was a risk to invite some stranger home, but the temptation was more powerful.

I sat once again on the same couch where I had flirted with him, and bit my nails, anxiously, waiting until the doorbell rang, and I darted, with lightning speed to the door to open it.

I thought about hugging him tightly, it was what provoked him in the first instance, but he stepped forward, and planted a kiss on my lips.

His were fleshy and provocative, he enveloped my mouth, and his tongue came next with overwhelming energy, seeking mine, matching it, touching it, massaging it slowly, but deeply, and my pussy, without further ado, released biblical amounts of juices.

I looked so small in front of him, he carried me to the sofa, where I had been before, and with the most overwhelming sensuality in the world, he put all his weight on top of me, kissing me with great passion, his hands took possession of my breasts, while I tried not to faint.

I felt a huge, hard, apotheosis lump in my pelvis, and for a second or two, I felt fear. Of course, $name1 was proportionate. He shifted his hips, letting his cock stick closer to me, pressing it against my inner thighs, not neglecting to kiss me, and squeeze my big breasts.

He left my mouth to suck on my nipples, while I thought that man could easily hurt me. My nipples molded to his mouth, my mind was foggy, my mouth open, I moaned, and drew his head in more. We hadn’t even spoken to each other, it was unbelievable.

$name1 was wandering his tongue across my sensitive skin, and it was driving me crazy.

$name1 got up from the couch, as I gasped and waited for him to penetrate me, but he had other things on his mind. He pulled out his tool, and my jaw dropped a few inches.

It was a very large black cock, long, thick, it was stiff and ready. I knew I was pretty sure I’d come across something like that, but thinking about it was easier than seeing it with my own eyes.

$name1 was wiggling that monstrosity in front of my face, and I immediately grabbed it with one hand. I could barely hold it, yet I still managed it. He was urging me to take it in my mouth. A quick glance told me it would be no easy task.

I tried as best I could to open my mouth as wide as possible, looking him in the face, while his lips were curved in a sly smile. I brought the black cock to my mouth, stuck out my tongue, ran it over the big bare head, and that was about all I did for the moment.

He feigned disappointment and wiggled it again. I summoned my willpower and tried a second time. Only a portion went into my mouth, and I pulled it out to wet the surface well on the sides, once that was done his big black cock slid better into my mouth, still, it was a struggle.

His cock was choking me, making me gag. He wasn’t moving, despite that, his cock was throbbing maybe, inside my mouth, and it was scaring me, he was still laughing even.

However, I wanted to do better, and I moved my head even though it was a risk, and for a while, everything went wonderfully, until he decided he wanted to intervene and his hips moved fucking my face, and his cock pierced my throat when I would have thought it was impossible.

He pushed me back onto the couch, I was suffocated, scared, but very aroused. $name1 positioned himself on top of me, carrying out the missionary position, I had my eyes closed tightly, and I pushed him by placing a hand on his chest, he stubbornly kept going, my pussy could not hold such a cock, but he insisted and forced himself on me, his cock was stuck very tightly in my pussy.

I let out a bloodcurdling scream, and $name1 rammed into me, pain gave way to pleasure after a while of very slow but not painless thrusts. I scratched his back while he penetrated me, and he almost brutally pierced me with his huge member.

His thrusts became more pleasurable, and I could scream out loud, no longer from pain, but from pleasure. His movements were in circles, then he dropped his pelvis violently, making it clear that he knew what he was doing. He had stretched my pussy with his cock, it was very big, but it had been very intense and had given me joy.

I felt very full of him, and I had an orgasm that made me lose track of things. $name1 stood up and all his hot sticky cum flooded my mouth, I was forced to drink it all, and then I wiped my chin with the back of my hand.

That sensual man had left my house, and I was still not getting up from the couch, with my pussy stretched out, and breathing heavily…

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