Leaving Do Manager Fuck

$name1 has finished her last day with the company and has gone for a goodbye meal with colleagues, and some managers… There the wine flows and she gets to know one of the managers, $name2, a lot better with an impromptu fuck that begins in the shared taxi ride home…

$name1 was sad to be leaving her job, as much as she was looking forward to a week off before starting her new one, the thought of being the new girl and having to readjust to new office dynamics and politics tied a small knot in her stomach.

For now, there was nothing she could do, but enjoy the small leaving dinner that her colleagues had put on for her and make the most of the evening.

The company she was leaving was very traditional. The management team had come out to the meal, although she doubted any of them actually knew who she was. Their presence was more to keep up appearances, to look good that they are sociable with the lower-ranked staff, and to not pass up the chance to indulge on the company credit card.

No stranger to being out on a Friday night, $name1 was usually more dressed up for the occasion, but instead had come straight from the office wearing her black knee-high skirt and white blouse.

The dinner dragged on a little bit, and as the wine flowed she found herself talking to $name2, one of the management team – someone who she had very rarely spoken to in the office due to her workload never crossing over with anyone in his team.

He was much older than $name1, in his late 40s, sporting some grey hair but clinging onto its original color. He was relatively well built for a man of his age and clearly looked after himself.

They continued talking throughout, as $name2 asked more about what $name1’s next move was, and she in turn found out more about how his career progressed for him to reach the role he’s in now.

As the evening drew to a close, they all went to stand outside and depart. $name1 found herself with $name2, both looking on their phones for an Uber, and then both realizing that $name1’s apartment could be an additional route stop on the way to $name2’s. In the interest of splitting the fare, they chose to rideshare.

After another 10 minutes of casually chatting outside the restaurant the taxi arrived. 

The conversation continued in the taxi, and it’s in this now enclosed space with just the two of them, $name1 started to notice things. She noticed $name2’s cologne, how he smelt, how it was a manly musk. She noticed his body and frame a lot more, and started to see his attractiveness.

$name1 also thought, on occasion, she saw him glancing at her legs, and her chest, but she wasn’t sure how much of this was in her own imagination… So she decided to test it.

Little by little she rotated in her seat to face $name2, doing so in a way it looked more like she was getting more comfortable in the conversation and to face him. As $name1 did so, she brought her leg up onto the seat and rest her foot under her straight leg,so her skirt rode up her thigh.

Slowly she moved, and eventually realized it wasn’t just in her head. $name2 was looking at her legs, and at her, and trying to do so subtly.

$name1 felt a rush of blood go to her head, and between her legs… The attention had gotten her slightly flustered. It had been a while since she had been looked at in that way, and it was making her want more.

Catching his subtle glances a couple more times, and realizing they were 10 minutes from her apartment $name1 wanted to do one last thing, one last thing to be naughty and then to go into her apartment, take her toy out her drawer and fuck herself into the weekend.

She moved around in the seat one more time, and this time her skirt rode up high, leaving her folded leg almost bare, and her skirt now high enough to reveal the front of her black lace thong.

As they passed under the streetlamps, $name2’s eyes took the bait and he clocked what was now on show. $name1 continued talking innocently, but not making sure she was looking away herself more to give him more opportunities to stare, every stare she registered and made her pussy pulsate.

After a few minutes, $name2’s forehead had a shimmer as he had begun to sweat, and $name1 noticed him moving around in his seat more. He was clearly getting turned on by what he could see, and had no idea how to react or behave.

Realizing they were close to her apartment, and feeling more adventurous and turned on by the situation. $name1 escalated the situation.

Don’t be shy, I know you’ve been looking…

$name2 looked at her, his stunned stare like a deer caught in the headlights of a truck.His mouth was starting to move, as if he wanted to say something but couldn’t form the words…

$name1 reached out her hand and took his, giving it a small squeeze, before guiding it between her legs. Resting $name2’s fingers against the black lace.

As $name1 moved her hand away, $name2 kept his in place, feeling the warmth of her pussy through the material.

Their eyes locked as they both held their positions. $name1 edged forward, and then again, and with the third movement went in to kiss $name2. He reciprocated, their lips and tongues now entwined together.

$name2 not forgetting where his hand was, he slowly starts moving it in a circular motion, rubbing and pressing against $name1’s pussy.

The kissing hadn’t escaped the attention of the taxi driver, who promply announced that they were two minutes from the first drop-off. This broke their kiss, and with a nod, $name1 signalled to $name2 that he would be getting out of the taxi too.

Arriving at the stop, $name2 resolved the Uber, and followed $name1 up to her apartment.

As the door shut behind them, $name1 reached up to put her hands behind $name2’s head and they continued their embrace.

They both moved into the living room area of $name1’s small apartment, where she sat down on the sofa. $name2, kneeling on the floor infront of her, ran his hands up the outside of her thighs to her ass, hooking her thong with his fingers and pulling them down and off.

$name1 responded by opening her legs wide, not breaking eye contact with him, but letting $name2 get a good view of her bare, wet pussy.

He didn’t need a second invitation, and moved his head between her legs, introducing himself to her with a long, broad tongue stroke from the base of her slit to lingering on her clit. 

Expertly $name2 rolled his tongue around $name1’s clit and labia, her pussy beginning to respond and flow with juices, her hands holding the back of $name2’s head as she began to writhe and moan with the pleasure he was giving her.

After a few minutes of $name2’s tongue lashing against her greedy, wet little pussy, $name1 came. A small orgasm ran through her body and repaid $name2’s tongue with her sweet nectar.

Pulling his head away, $name2 took in the sight of $name1, legs still apart, breathing heavily, her blushing cheeks and lustful stare.

$name2 stood up, and began to unbuckle his belt. $name1 took this as a sign that she was about to repay the act, to show $name2 just how expertly her tongue can move, but this wasn’t to be the case. As she sat forward on the sofa, $name2 pushed her back as he dropped his pants and boxers, to reveal a hard, thick, angry looking cock.

Pulling her down on the sofa by her legs, $name2 position his angry cock infront of $name1’s freshly wettened pussy, and as he moved it near $name1 began to bite her lip. The tip rested against her labia, and slowly began to stretch and force its way inside, making $name1 moan instantly as she accommodated $name2’s thick member.

Only six or seven inches in length, the girth was enough to make $name1 struggle as $name2 eased in and out until she was taking pretty much all of his shaft. Once in, he began his assault.

Pumping in and out of her with great pace, he was fucking her hard. Almost like he was fucking her angrily, her thick thighs and ass were helping cushion his abdomen and hips as his cock went deep inside her.

His cock beginning to cream with her juices, she could all but lay there and take each stroke, each deep fuck, and enjoy it.

$name2’s breathing began to get heavier, and it was clear that he was going to cum.

He pulled out and stood over $name1, who quickly unbuttoned the front of her blouse to reveal her tits, but before she could maneuver them out of her bra $name2 unleashed his load across them, covering $name1’s chest in streams of thick white cum.

Even though it hadn’t been planned, and it was her last day at the company, $name1 was sure she was going to be getting some more “career advice” from $name2 again, soon.


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