Sultry Shower Show With CutieCupid

Another fantastic collaboration with the beautiful CutieCupid. CC walks into the room, wearing just a shirt, and invites you to watch her in the shower…

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Laying on the bed after a long day, you’re bored. There’s nothing on television, none of your friends are free to hang out.

Just as you reach for your tablet to start trawling through the options on Netflix, the bedroom door opens slightly and CutieCupid walks in.

You’re taken aback by your friend whom you share the apartment with. Not only has she brazenly walked into your room, but she has done wearing just a plaid shirt, a plaid shirt that you think is yours…

Stunned into silence, CC starts the conversation by explaining how she knows that you’re bored, and she was feeling frisky and was about to go take a shower…

You’re not allowed to touch me, but you can come and watch me in the shower if you’d like…

Unable to make a sound, you nod, not wanting to jinx or spoil this offer.

You follow CC out of the room, watching her pert ass cheeks flash from under the plaid shirt as she skips through to her room, and to her ensuite.

You position yourself on the closed toilet seat, watching as CC removes the plaid shirt, steps into the shower, and proceeds to let the hot water wash down her naked body, in full view for you.

Rubbing water and shower gel over her body, your hands are envious of her hands as you feel your pants begin to tighten around your crotch.

You continue to watch her lather over her body, as her wet skin begins to shine and the room heats up with steam.

Cupping her breasts, you notice her begin to tease her nipples.

Watching them harden, your mind all you can think about is taking them in your mouth, feeling her nipples and piercings between your teeth…

You begin to rub your crotch through your pants, but remembering what CC said, you weren’t allowed to touch. But was this touching her, or yourself?

You didn’t want to break the silence and interrupt CC in the shower, as it was apparent this was more than just a shower as you watch her leaning back and making sure the hot shower water streams down against her pussy, and at the same time, giving you the best view of her wet, shining pussy lips.

The mystery of whether or not this was just her showering, or intentional for you was soon dispelled, as CC’s eyes bolt upwards making contact with yours as she spreads her pussy for you.

Smiling, she walks toward you, and your heart begins to beat even faster. A panic of both hope and excitement rushes over you, but as CC leans in, it becomes apparent that she isn’t reaching down to you, but to the console drawer behind you.

With a swift open and close, and her dripping body tantalizingly close to you, she turns around in mystery and you hear the noise.

The noise of a thud, something hitting the wall, obscured by CC’s body.

You hear her giggle, and she steps aside, revealing that she is stroking and lubricating a dildo, stuck to the shower tiles.

You watch as she caresses it and strokes it in her hand, the thoughts of her doing this to you rushing through your head.

She then repositions herself, bends over facing you, and you watch as she moves back onto the plastic cock.

Slowly at first, CC starts moving back and forth, building momentum.

The wet sound of her ass hitting the tiled wall, the shower running, watching her taking all of the dildo inside her is making you burst.

Her momentum continues to build, her breasts rocking backward and forwards, and then, the moans…

Bouncing quicker, and quicker, you hear her moans intensify as she slowly stops, you see her body shake and shudder, and she looks directly at you and lets out the loudest moan of them all.

Making direct eye contact, CC is sharing her orgasm with you.

Collapsing down against the wall, her body shimmering from the shower, she smiles at you with a satisfied grin.

She gets up and turns the shower off and reaches for a towel.

I think you need to go deal with that…

Her voice breaks your trance, as you notice she’s looking down at your pants, tightened around your erection.

You don’t need to be told twice, and you make haste for your room…

You can see more of the beautiful CutieCupid on OnlyFans, or by following her on TikTok.

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