Cheating On Your Wife With Her Friend

A naughty collaboration with Fiestry. She’s the hostess of a house party you’re at with your wife, but whilst your wife is off having fun and neglecting you, Fiestry has an idea of how to keep you entertained…

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It’s been a long evening, and by how your partner keeps drinking her wine and instigating conversations, it’s clear that you won’t be leaving the party anytime soon.

You do your best to work the rooms and be social enough so as to not be dubbed a party pooper, but you’re tired and all the spots to sit in your friend’s house are pretty much taken.

The lounge is full, the kitchen even has people overflowing onto the breakfast bar as all the stools are full.

You eventually find a perch on a sideboard in the hallway. It’s not quite a seat, but somewhere to rest.

The night is getting on and people are starting to fall asleep sitting on the sofas, with a small group, including your partner, having moved to sit outside by a fire pit. 

You know that if you ask to leave now, it will just cause an argument and hassle that you really can’t be bothered with, so you choose the lesser of two evils and continue to drink your beer from your hallway viewpoint.

It’s then you notice a door open down the hall, and you clock Fiestry. She’s stood there in the doorway, pokes her head into the hallway looking around, and beckons you over.

As you approach you notice her more and more; Fiestry is your partner’s friend and someone you’ve known for some time, but with your slightly tipsy eyes you’re noticing her curves, her dress, her cleavage, and the look on her face.

As you get to the doorway, you realize Fiestry is in the bedroom, and almost in a trance without thinking you accept her invitation and enter the room.

You hear the door close behind you, and Fiestry walks around you to the other side of the bed and takes a seat.

Legs crossed, hand on her thigh, and smiling sweetly up at you, Fiestry is making small talk and is very, very engaged in the conversation and is flirting heavily with you.

It’s apparent that the party, and the wine she has been drinking, have had an effect on her.

As you try to keep up with the conversation and pay attention to what Fiestry is saying, you start to struggle, focusing on her lips, her skin, how even after hours of the barbeque and partying her hair and makeup aren’t out of place.

How Fiestry’s silky-looking looks are radiating as she rubs them together, adjusting on the bed.

All you can think about is touching them, caressing them, and feeling her lips on yours. 

You catch yourself staring at her cleavage, and felt your pants tighten. In a panicked manner, you leap off the bed and move towards the dresser in the room to get one of the cans of beer off of it.

Fiestry bites her lip, not blind to how her flirting has been affecting you, especially with the slightly unsubtle staring at her body, and as your back is to her she takes advantage to make the next move.

As you turn around to continue talking to Fiestry on the bed, you’re taken aback.

Fiestry has lifted her legs to her chest, holding them with an arm under her knees, and you quickly see her lacey panties hanging off her foot.

You begin to trace your eyes down her calf, her thigh, and to where those panties should be, but instead you’re met with her gorgeous slit. Your gaze then meets Fiestry’s eyes, staring at you, challenging you, lusting for you.

You move towards the bed, kneeling on it, leaning into Fiestry, and meeting her lips with yours. Kissing passionately, you know it’s wrong with your wife only in the garden but you can’t resist.

As the kiss breaks, Fiestry rests a hand on your chest and pushes you back. As she instructs you to go lock the door, Fiestry moves onto her knees on the bed, so as you turn back around she’s welcoming you with her figure on her knees.

Reapproaching her, Fiestry reaches out and unbuttons your pants, and pulls your boxers down to reveal what is now a hard, large cock.

Her face is both a look of shock, joy, and lust. Proceeding to kiss the tip and putting her hands on the shaft, she uses her spit to lubricate the shaft, working the tip and as much as possible in her mouth.

You look down, and see Fiestry looking back up at you, a trail of spit running from her mouth to your cock, before the tip and first few inches of your cock quickly disappears again into her wet, warm mouth.

You throw your head back feeling Fiestry’s tongue swirling around your tip, and lashing against your shaft.

The motions and movements of Fiestry’s arms have now jiggled her large breasts out of her dress, and you can’t help but reach down and tease her nipples as she attentively licks and sucks on your cock.

Fiestry breaks again, looking up at you, hands around your shaft, but taking a moment to regain her breath. Her chin glazed with a combination of spit and your pre-cum, with some dripping down onto her breasts.

You gesture for Fiestry to lay back, and she does, head on the pillow, legs apart, given you the full view of her face, boobs, and open legs…

You position yourself between them, gently rubbing the tip of your against Fiestry’s already very wet little pussy. 

With little effort and a single push, the tip and first inches of your cock slide into Fiestry’s wet pussy. Her tightness around your large cock is enough to fill you with lust, and at the same time make Fiestry let out a moan.

A moan she is quick to stifle by putting a hand over her mouth, and as you begin to work a rhythm, she moves her hands to the headboard to stop it from making noise, biting her lip to prevent any further loud moans escaping and alerting the rest of the party to what’s going on.

You pick up the pace, sliding your cock in and out of her, her pussy welcoming every thrust with its own little squeeze.

Holding her thighs you continue to fuck her, making Fiestry take every inch of your cock, hearing her struggling to keep back the moans and screams, her boobs bouncing wildly as her hands fight against the headboard to stop it from banding against the wall.

Fiestry begins to tighten her legs around you as she closes her eyes, arches her back, and has a rush of color to her face and chest. You feel her pussy tighten as she orgasms around your cock, squeezing it tightly. 

As she releases her grip on you, you take the opportunity to thrust fast and hard. Her pussy now dripping from her orgasm, her juices lubricating your latest onslaught. You feel her begin to tighten around your cock again, and this time it’s too much.

With one final thrust in, you both hold back the groans, as you shoot your load deep inside her.

Collapsing down onto her, you kiss, before you slowly pull out of her pussy, leaving it dripping with both of your cum.

Laying next to her, you look across and see her strewn out over the bed, legs still apart, tits handing out of the dress, arms still above her head, and her eyes half-closed and a satisfied smile across her face.

Not wanting to disturb her too much, you lean across and kiss her on the forehead, put your pants back on, and go back to the party to find your friends, and your wife.

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